Crash Dive (1943)

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A US Navy submarine, the USS Corsair, is operating in the North Atlantic, hunting German merchant raiders that are preying on Allied shipping. Its new executive officer, Lt. Ward Stewart, has been transferred back into submarines after commanding his own PT boat. At the submarine base in New London, Connecticut, he asks his new captain, Lt. Cmdr. Dewey Connors, for a weekend leave to settle his affairs before taking up his new assignment. On a train bound for Washington D.C., Stewart accidentally encounters New London school teacher Jean Hewlett and her students. Despite her initial resistance to his efforts, he charms her and they fall in love.

Film Overview
"Crash Dive", launched in 1943, is an exciting World War II drama directed by Archie Mayo. The film includes Hollywood superstars Tyrone Power, Anne Baxter, and Dana Andrews. The film's plot highlights the lives of two officers in the United States Navy and their love triangle with a female, wrapped in the perilous backdrop of wartime dangers.

The Plot
In "Crash Dive", Lt. Ward Stewart (Tyrone Power) is very first presented as a playboy naval officer. Upon getting orders that he will be set to submarine task, he coincidentally satisfies a school teacher, Jean Hewlett (Anne Baxter), and they fall in love. Bit does Stewart know, Hewlett is the sweetheart of his commanding officer, Lt. Cmdr. Dewey Connors (Dana Andrews).

As the story unfolds, it is exposed that both officers are serving on the USS Corsair, bound for a dangerous objective to destroy a secret Nazi base off the coast of France. When Connors learns about Stewart's participation with Hewlett, the already tense submarine environment suffers an additional claustrophobic interpersonal conflict in addition to the external military risks. However, loyalty to duty shows more powerful than psychological conflicts, and the officers put their sensations aside to complete their mission.

Cast Performances
Tyrone Power offers an engaging efficiency as Lt. Ward Stewart, balancing his characters' beauty, love, and duty well. Anne Baxter as Jean Hewlett prospers in portraying the psychological turmoil between love and loyalty. Dana Andrews presents an outstanding representation of Lt. Cmdr. Dewey Connors, torn in between his love for Jean and his duty as an officer.

Cinematic Elements
"Crash Dive" dives into the thrilling narrative with dramatic cinematography that positions audiences right in the middle of tense submarine warfare. The detailed sets realistically recreate the claustrophobic and dangerous environment of a wartime sub.

Despite being produced in the 1940s, the motion picture includes elaborately choreographed underwater scenes resulting in a visual spectacle and an immersive viewing experience. The film's screenplay intelligently integrates love, jealousy, duty, and bravery, keeping the audience hooked till the end.

"Crash Dive" stands as an entertaining, well-acted WWII submarine movie that skillfully combines elements of romance and action. It provides a deep expedition of bravery, task, and personal conflict amidst the backdrop of war, making it an ageless classic. The film's characters are not just fighting an opponent force, but also their psychological battles, making it an impactful watch for any audience.

Top Cast

  • Tyrone Power (small)
    Tyrone Power
    Lt. Ward Stewart
  • Anne Baxter (small)
    Anne Baxter
    Jean Hewlett
  • Dana Andrews (small)
    Dana Andrews
    Lt. Cdr. Dewey Connors
  • James Gleason (small)
    James Gleason
    Chief Mike 'Mac' McDonnell
  • May Whitty (small)
    May Whitty
  • Harry Morgan (small)
    Harry Morgan
  • Ben Carter (small)
    Ben Carter
    Oliver Cromwell Jones
  • Stanley Andrews (small)
    Stanley Andrews
    Shipwrecked Captain (uncredited)
  • John Archer (small)
    John Archer
    Curly Bowman (uncredited)
  • Gene Rizzi (small)
    Gene Rizzi
    Seaman Rizzi (uncredited)
  • Frederic Brunn
    Q Boat Lieutenant (uncredited)