Dance Baby Dance (2018)

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Have you ever had a dream? Jimmy did and now it's his turn to dance. Will he be able to rise above all the competition, and his own shortcomings, to dance the performance of his life? If so, then his lifelong dream will be realized.

Film Overview
"Dance Baby Dance" is a 2018 American independent drama movie directed and written by Stephen Kogon, who likewise stars in the movie. Other main cast members include Beverley Mitchell, Carlos Alazraqui, and Clare Grant. The film centers around the theme of pursuing one's passion despite the odds stacked against them, basically highlighting the importance of determination, guts, and resilience.

Plot Summary
Stephen Kogon portrays the primary character, Jimmy Percer, who dreamt of being a professional tap dancer since he was a kid. Unfortunately, as he ages into his 40s, his dream remains unsatisfied, primarily due to various barriers he experiences, including a debilitating knee injury. Despite the adversities, he never loses sight of his objective. His love for tap dancing reignites when he finds out about a 15-week competitors with a considerable monetary benefit.

Jimmy's wife, a helpful character played by Beverley Mitchell, ends up being crucial in keeping his spirit high. However, despite her unyielding assistance, he deals with consistent rejections and belittlement from the competitors's organizers, particularly from the severe and excessively critical organizer, played by Carlos Alazraqui.

Jimmy's Journey
"Dance Baby Dance" is mainly about Jimmy's journey of battle, perseverance, and his unrelenting pursuit of enthusiasm. The audience gets an intimate view of his commitment and determination: practicing for long hours despite physical discomfort and operating at a dead-end job to make ends satisfy.

Jimmy's optimism and grit are checked at every point, from intense competitors half his age to snide remarks about his age and capability. However, seeing a fellow dancer's fatal accident fuels Jimmy's desire to turn his passion into reality, compelling him to keep pressing forward.

Closing Thoughts
Certain elements of the film, like Jimmy's perseverance and the heartwarming helpful nature of his wife Tess, make "Dance Baby Dance" a motivating narrative. The movie highlights the age-old expression that it is never ever far too late to follow one's dreams.

In general, "Dance Baby Dance" is an encouraging story about conquering personal and professional obstacles to pursue one's dreams. With extensive messages on hard work, determination, and the power of dreams, it works as an inspirational tale of remaining real to oneself and never giving up.

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