Dante's Inferno (2007)

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A darkly comedic travelogue of the underworld - set against an all-too-familiar urban backdrop of used car lots, gated communities, strip malls, and the U.S. Capitol. And populated with a contemporary cast of reprobates, including famous - and infamous - politicians, presidents, popes, pimps. And the Prince of Darkness himself.

Movie Summary
"Dante's Inferno" is an animated adventure-drama film released in 2007, influenced by the spiritual allegorical story; the impressive poem "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri. Directed by Sean Meredith, the film features modern-day figures and modern problems, making sure a relatable adjustment for audiences of the 21st century.

Plot Synopsis
The movie follows Dante, voiced by Dermot Mulroney, a bitter, disillusioned male who has actually fallen out of favor with his life and discovers himself lost in an unusual world. In this surreal environment, Dante comes across the spirit of the ancient poet Virgil, voiced by James Cromwell. Virgil guides Dante on an allegorical journey through the nine circles of Hell, representing a varied variety of vices and sins that people catch.

The circles include Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery. Each circle is highlighted as a reflection of the matching sin and contains artistically developed characters signifying the guilty. The movie keeps the original text's moral lessons on sin and redemption while imbuing elements of dark humor and modernity.

Modern Interpretations
"Dante's Inferno" is distinguished for its distinct approach towards the classic literature by showcasing the underworld as a busy city with high-rise buildings and a mundane bureaucracy. The film retains Dante's original narrative structure but makes it more relatable by including modern figures such as disgraced politicians and celebs. As per this ingenious method, lots of ancient themes are offered contemporary twists, like the false prophets are illustrated as televangelists, and deceptive advisors end up being spin doctors.

Animation Style and Design
Rather of opting for conventional animation designs, "Dante's Inferno" utilizes paper puppets inspired by "toy theater" custom, providing the film a distinct visual style that mirrors the nature of its source material's allegories. The character styles of Dante and Virgil are built through abstract design aspects, representing the movie's distinct symbolic traits and lending an eerie yet interesting want to the otherwise grim narrative.

Efficiency and Reception
"Dante's Inferno" boasts masterful voice acting from leads Dermot Mulroney and James Cromwell, who bring richness and relatability to their characters. The movie successfully breaks away from the boundaries of the initial text and makes a thought-provoking social commentary on modern life and its ethical issues.

The movie was well-received for its imagination, visual elegance, and strong interpretations of the source product, with critics praising its usage of puppet animation and modern-day takes on age-old ethical styles. Nevertheless, it was likewise kept in mind that the abstract design and grim styles might not interest a wider audience.

In conclusion, "Dante's Inferno" from 2007 is an unique and contemporary adjustment of Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy". The film integrates the poem's ancient styles with modern aspects, resulting in a thought-provoking social commentary that shows present society. With its unique animation design, relatable narrative, and powerful performances, "Dante's Inferno" stands as a successful depiction of an olden literary work of art in a new light.

Top Cast

  • Dermot Mulroney (small)
    Dermot Mulroney
    Dante (voice)
  • James Cromwell (small)
    James Cromwell
    Virgil (voice)
  • Olivia d'Abo (small)
    Olivia d'Abo
    Beatrice (voice)
  • Martha Plimpton (small)
    Martha Plimpton
    Celia / Lobbyist Singer / Lizzie Borden (voice)
  • Tony Abatemarco (small)
    Tony Abatemarco
    Lying Defendant / Farinata (voice)
  • Scott Adsit (small)
    Scott Adsit
    Judge Minos / Paolo / Hirohito / Copter Pilot (voice)
  • Matt Besser (small)
    Matt Besser
    Metallica Defendant / L. Ron Hubbard (voice)
  • Bill Chott (small)
    Bill Chott
    Giaccio 'El Gordo' / Calvacanti / Stalin (voice)
  • Andrew Daly (small)
    Andrew Daly
    Lucan / 'Right On' Glutton / Jim Jones / Airport Screener / Ulysses' Naysayer (voice)
  • Tony Hale (small)
    Tony Hale
    Ovid / Real Estate Broker / Pope Nicholas 3rd (voice)
  • Tom Hallick (small)
    Tom Hallick
    George Sanders / Lobbyist (voice)