Dark Victory (1939)

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Socialite Judith Traherne lives a lavish but emotionally empty life. Riding horses is one of her few joys, and her stable master is secretly in love with her. Told she has a brain tumor by her doctor, Frederick Steele, Judith becomes distraught. After she decides to have surgery to remove the tumor, Judith realizes she is in love with Dr. Steele, but more troubling medical news may sabotage her new relationship, and her second chance at life.

"Dark Victory" is a 1939 American drama movie routed by Edmund Goulding as well as starring Bette Davis, George Brent, and also Humphrey Bogart. The movie is based on the play of the same name by George Brewer as well as Bertram Bloch. It informs the story of a young, rich female named Judith Traherne who is identified with a mind growth and also struggles to find to terms with her upcoming death. The film was a business success and also obtained three Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actress for Bette Davis.

Judith Traherne, represented by Bette Davis, is a stunning, lively, and independent girl who is utilized to living life to the fullest. She appreciates riding equines, partying, as well as has a preference for quick automobiles. Nevertheless, she begins experiencing regular headaches, extreme enough to affect her every day life. Concerned, her buddy and also individual secretary, Ann King, played by Geraldine Fitzgerald, takes Judith to see the leading cosmetic surgeon in the area, Dr. Frederick Steele, played by George Brent.

Dr. Steele is initially hesitant to tackle Judith's case, as he intends to retire and focus on clinical research study. At some point, he concurs and also, after performing tests, identifies that she has a brain tumor. In this age, such a medical diagnosis amounted a death sentence, with no remedy available. However, Dr. Steele chooses to run, really hoping that it might get her some even more time.

Following the surgical treatment, Dr. Steele and Ann learn that Judith's tumor was deadly and that her problem is terminal, with no potential customers of a cure. Dr. Steele, Ann, and Judith's stable hand Michael O'Leary-- played by Humphrey Bogart-- agree not to disclose the fact concerning Judith's condition to her.

As Judith starts falling for Dr. Steele, she additionally delights in a duration of improved wellness after her surgery, allowing her to live life to the greatest. The couple also obtains engaged. However, she eventually uncovers her alarming diagnosis mistakenly and also is ruined. Out of love, she decides to break off her engagement to Dr. Steele, claiming that she no longer likes him. Dr. Steele leaves the community to continue his clinical study, sad but respecting her choice.

Meanwhile, Judith goes back to her old way of life of partying and careless actions, acting as if nothing is wrong. When Michael O'Leary faces her about her activities, she admits that she understands about her dark diagnosis as well as her choice to extra Dr. Steele the pain of losing her. Amazed as well as compassionate, O'Leary provides her his support as well as inspiration.

As Judith's problem worsens, Ann contacts Dr. Steele as well as informs him of the reality. He right away returns to be by Judith's side. They integrate as Judith recognizes her love for him and the sacrifice she made. The pair is determined to invest the staying days of Judith's life with each other as well as satisfied.

In the movie's touching orgasm, Judith plans for her impending death, knowing that she will at some point experience short-term blindness as an overture to her passing. Dr. Steele, deeply in love, makes strategies to remain with her till the very end. Nevertheless, Judith eventually makes a decision to save him the discomfort of witnessing her wear away, sending him away on a clinical study trip. The film finishes with Judith quietly ascending the stairways to her bed room, while her vision begins to discolor.

"Dark Victory" is often considered a traditional film, showcasing Bette Davis's skillful performing and remarkable variety. The movie is an emotional exploration of romance, sacrifice, and also coming to terms with one's mortality. Due to its fascinating efficiencies and also powerful story, "Dark Victory" remains an unforgettable as well as very adored film also years after its launch.

Top Cast

  • Bette Davis (small)
    Bette Davis
    Judith Traherne
  • George Brent (small)
    George Brent
    Dr. Frederick Steele
  • Humphrey Bogart (small)
    Humphrey Bogart
    Michael O'Leary
  • Geraldine Fitzgerald (small)
    Geraldine Fitzgerald
    Ann King
  • Ronald Reagan (small)
    Ronald Reagan
  • Henry Travers (small)
    Henry Travers
    Dr. Parsons
  • Cora Witherspoon (small)
    Cora Witherspoon
  • Dorothy Peterson (small)
    Dorothy Peterson
    Miss Wainwright
  • Virginia Brissac (small)
    Virginia Brissac
  • Charles Richman
    Colonel Mantle
  • Herbert Rawlinson (small)
    Herbert Rawlinson
    Dr. Carter