David and Lisa (1998)

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A psychiatrist tries to treat an emotionally disturbed teenage boy who has a pathological fear of being touched. The only person who can communicate emotionally with the young patient is a girl suffering from split personalities who speaks in rhymes and withdraws from anyone who refuses to do the same.

The movie "David and Lisa" was a 1998 made-for-television drama movie directed by Lloyd Kramer based on the book "Lisa and David" by Dr. Theodore Isaac Rubin. It stars Lukas Haas as David and Brittany Murphy as Lisa. The film is a remake of the 1962 motion picture of the exact same name by director Frank Perry.

David, portrayed by Lukas Haas, is a deeply troubled young man struggling with obsessive-compulsive condition (OCD) and displaying an illogical worry of being touched. His fixation for cleanliness and avoidance of human contact sets him apart from his peers. Concerned for his state, his parents devote him to a domestic treatment center.

At the center, David satisfies Lisa, represented by Brittany Murphy, a girl diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. Lisa has 2 unique characters: Lisa, who can only speak in rhymes and Muriel who does not speak however writes. Although at first wary of her, David slowly discovers himself drawn towards her captivating unconventionalism. He begins to feel sorry for Lisa's shattered world, seeing a reflection of his own fears and anxieties.

Relationship Development
Regardless of his worries, David establishes a bond with Lisa. This relationship challenges his fear of being touched and helps him start to understand his obsessive habits. David goes through the battle of trying to interact with Lisa in her language of rhymes, reflecting his desire to link and reach out. This push and pull in between them becomes a substantial style in the movie, helping David to confront and deal with his own fears.

Towards completion of the movie, David's confronts his worry of touch, and he enables Lisa to touch his face. This poignant scene symbolizes his individual development and maturity, while at the same time symbolizing hope for Lisa. It also metaphorically shows the possible accomplishment over mental illness through compassion, understanding, patience and love.

Performing and Critique
Lukas Haas and Brittany Murphy deliver an engaging performance in "David and Lisa". Haas's portrayal of the complex emotional battles of David is poignant and exceptionally moving. Murphy with her double portrayal starts as a perplexing and strange character but with time shows depth and poignant vulnerability. Their efficiencies together produce a landscape where psychological health disorders are humanized and empathetically dealt with.

Critics praised "David and Lisa" for its insightful representation of mental health. It neither romanticized nor trivialized the battles with mental illness, however revealed them as part of the human journey towards understanding self and others. The movie is likewise acknowledged for its unbelievable performances, sensitive writing and skillful direction.

Last Thoughts
"David and Lisa" is not simply a film but a deep observation of the intricacies of psychological health. It looks into the elaborate connections made by people experiencing mental illnesses. Beyond the stigma and the obstacles of their respective conditions, David and Lisa find empathy and connection, which becomes critical in their journey towards recovery and self-discovery. The motion picture sensitively portrays that these connections are not just healing however are also a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

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