Day-time Wife (1939)

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When a young wife discovers her husband of two years is involved with his beautiful secretary, she applies for a job as secretary to a business rival.

"Day-time Wife" is an entertaining 1939 romantic funny movie directed by Gregory Ratoff, including considerable efficiencies from significant actors of the age, Tyrone Power and Linda Darnell. The movie is based on the play "Advice to the Lovers" composed by John Jympson and narrates of trust, fidelity, and the trials of marriage.

The movie focuses on the lead couple, Jane (Linda Darnell) and Ken Norton (Tyrone Power). Jane, a homemaker, becomes conscious of her hubby Ken's flirty manner with his secretary, Kitty (Wendy Barrie), stimulating sensations of insecurity and jealousy.

Ken, on the other hand, is an insurance broker understood for his charm and excellent looks. Following his flirtations with Kitty, Jane chooses to give Ken a taste of his own medicine by discovering a task as a secretary for a suave businessman, Freddie Bates (Warren William).

Plot Development
Freddie Bates is a well-known divorcé, seen as a danger to every marriage but single himself. Jane, unidentified to her spouse, acts as Bates' secretary and attempts to flirt with him to make Ken jealous. Nevertheless, Ken starts to feel left out and suspicious about Jane's daily engagements, unaware of her strategies or objectives.

Meanwhile, Jane's flirtations with Bates develop humor and tension throughout the film and focus on the irony of marital relationship in society. When Jane admits her actual job to Bates and describes her motive, he is entertained and decides to continue the charade in a harmless method, totally familiar with Ken's increasing pain.

Climax and Conclusion
The climax unfolds when facts are exposed, and Ken discovers Jane's secret work. He also learns about her purpose to get back at him for his infidelity. Tense and blown away, Ken realizes his misbehaviors and the effect it had on Jane.

In the end, the caring couple fixes up, and Ken pledges to alter his methods, therefore picking to remain loyal to Jane. They understand the value of trust and honesty in a marriage and promise to preserve it henceforth.

Total Impact
"Day-time Wife" works as a comedy planned to portray the ups and downs of marriage in a light-hearted but sensible way. The movie is noteworthy for its engaging plot, good humor, and a splendid representation of wit and beauty by Tyrone Power and Linda Darnell. The striking on-screen chemistry of the lead stars combined with a well-written script supplies an informative representation of a young married couple living and knowing in the highs and lows of their relationship.

Top Cast

  • Tyrone Power (small)
    Tyrone Power
    Ken Norton
  • Linda Darnell (small)
    Linda Darnell
    Jane Norton
  • Warren William (small)
    Warren William
    Bernard Dexter
  • Binnie Barnes (small)
    Binnie Barnes
  • Wendy Barrie (small)
    Wendy Barrie
    Kitty Fraser
  • Joan Davis (small)
    Joan Davis
    Miss Applegate
  • Joan Valerie (small)
    Joan Valerie
    Mrs. Dexter
  • Leonid Kinskey (small)
    Leonid Kinskey
    Coco Anderson
  • Mildred Gover
  • Renie Riano (small)
    Renie Riano
    Miss Briggs
  • Marie Blake (small)
    Marie Blake
    Singing Telegram Operator