Dear Consumer (Robot Chicken's Full-Assed Christmas Special) (2009)

Dear Consumer (Robot Chicken's Full-Assed Christmas Special) Poster

Thor celebrates Christmas in Asgard, Santa adds Walter PPK to the bad boy list and the creators take a skewed look at The Gift of the Magi. Plus who needs Rudolph when Santa has Comet?

"Dear Consumer (Robot Chicken's Full-Assed Christmas Special)" is a stop-motion funny unique from "Robot Chicken", an adult-themed, animated series on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. The Christmas unique, released in 2009, pushes the borders of traditional joyful stories, providing timeless characters and holiday situations through a funny, adult-oriented lens. The iconic program's creators, Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, use their signature style to offer a quirky, distinct, and occasionally unusual spin to the holiday.

Plot Summary and Overview
In this episode, the adult audience is treated to 10 brief spoofs, each loaded with popular culture recommendations, satirical elements, and irreverent humor. Keeping the "Robot Chicken" brand of funny, scenes are technically a series of unassociated sketches, but woven together through the common thread of a non-traditional Christmas narrative.

The unique starts with Santa's workshop illustrated as a home office, complete with an unhappy workforce. However, instead of standard worker problems, the elves deal with the special issue of having actually developed into zombies due to one fairy contracting the virus from a dissatisfied deer.

Characteristic Comedy And Peculiar Scenarios
Scenes rapidly go from darkly comic to absurd, including a variety of short tales that include Santa's reindeer getting lost in fog and coming across a fog-eating beast, a not likely representation of an adult Jesus Christ discovering from Joseph that how he thinks he was conceived isn't quite precise, and the iconic snowman, Frosty, developing a troubling addiction to eating carrots.

The episode also throws in unanticipated recommendations to pop culture, famously including a parody of "Star Wars", where Emperor Palpatine, upon going back to the Death Star, needs to utilize the stairs given that the escalator is broken-- all on the eve of Christmas.

Conclusion and Final Skit
The episode lastly ends with Santa Claus changing into a zombie, ultimately culminating in an all-out zombie apocalypse with reindeer burst through walls, elves dive at throats, all occurring chaos and mayhem. Then the audience sees G.I. JOE come to the rescue, slaying zombie fairies and saving the staying healthy fairies.

The uniquely grown-up, fantastical, and often strange point of view "Dear Consumer" takes to Christmas is quintessentially Robot Chicken, normally crossing lines traditional Christmas specials attempt not. The movie still handles a reverent take on the spirit of the vacation, albeit in its own twisted and creative design.

General Evaluation
In conclusion, "Dear Consumer (Robot Chicken's Full-Assed Christmas Special)" remains unmistakably a "Robot Chicken" episode, with its characteristic humor, irreverent narrative style, and eccentric plot modifications. It is a must-watch for fans of the series or anybody who delights in unconventional takes on holiday specials. This festive installation is not afraid to parody classic vacation customs, making lots of laugh at the audacity of altering treasured holiday narratives. The adult-themed comedy, combined with unforgettable characterizations and absurd situations, provides a distinct, unusual vacation experience that leaves an enduring impression.

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