Dear Eleanor (2016)

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Two teenage girls travel across the U.S. in 1962, during the chaos of the Cuban missile crisis, in search of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Film Overview
"Dear Eleanor" is a 2016 American comical drama and road movie directed by Kevin Connolly. The film stars Isabelle Fuhrman and Liana Liberato, playing two teenage girls who embark on a cross-country journey in the early 1960s. The script, written by Cecilia Contreras and Amy Garcia, makes it a coming-of-age movie focused around the theme of discovering oneself while seeking life's responses on a journey.

The story is embeded in 1962 and revolves around two friends, Maxine (a.k.a 'Max the Wax') and Eleanor ('Ellie'). After Ellie's mother passes away, Ellie finds letters her mother wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt that were never sent by mail. Max, out of issue, discovers that Ellie's dream is to fulfill Eleanor Roosevelt face to face, and they choose to set out on a daring journey from their home town in California to New York City in order to fulfill Ellie's dream.

Isabelle Fuhrman depicts Maxine, a tomboyish character who's outbound and daring. Liana Liberato takes on the part of Eleanor, a character that's shy yet brave, making the shift to become more positive throughout the film. Their characters develop a close bond and count on each other as they navigate through the challenges they encounter along the journey. Some other engaging characters include Ellie's daddy played by Luke Wilson, and Jessica Alba who depicts a fictional former vocalist and current bar manager who assists the women on their journey east.

Journey and Adventures
Max and Ellie, who initially thought this journey would be simple, deal with a string of unforeseen obstacles and satisfy a host of unique characters that shape their journey. These consist of a Native American hitchhiker, a bar singer, a grandmotherly character in the form of a field nurse, and a thief. These encounters turn their whimsical experience into a deeper expedition of friendship, bravery, and self-discovery.

Upon reaching New York, Max and Ellie find out about the death of Eleanor Roosevelt. Disheartened, the women head home, realizing that the trip has actually brought them better as pals and assisted them handle different life situations. Ellie acquires guts and self-confidence and chooses to mail the letters her mother composed rather of delivering them personally. The story concludes on the airplane trip back home, reflecting the development in Ellie's character, nurturing her bravery and assertiveness, and enhancing her bond with Max.

General Impression
"Dear Eleanor" is a heartfelt tale of relationship and discovery, highlighting the unpredictable nature of life's journey and the importance of durability, guts, and friendship. It wonderfully showcases the theme of self-transformation and maturity, and how journeys - actual and metaphoric - add to the procedure. Through engaging efficiencies together with a compelling plot, the film not just entertains but likewise educates the audience about individual development and the beauty of human bonds. The 1960s background includes a sentimental beauty to this interesting storytelling. In general, it's a fantastic watch highlighting the spirit of adventure and the strength of friendship.

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