Demolition (2015)

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An emotionally desperate investment banker finds hope through a woman he meets.

"Demolition" is a 2015 drama movie directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, who is known for well-known movies such as "Dallas Buyers Club" and "Wild". The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts, and Chris Cooper. At its core, it is a story about sorrow, self-discovery and the human capability to heal and rebuild.

Plot Summary
Jake Gyllenhaal plays Davis Mitchell, an effective investment banker living an apparently perfect life. The film begins with Davis surviving an auto accident that tragically eliminates his wife, Julia. Rather than expressing his sorrow in a standard way, Davis responds with a sense of apathy and detachment, producing issue and confusion amongst his peers.

Upon finding a packet of vending maker peanuts not gave properly from a healthcare facility vending maker after the crash, Davis writes a series of increasingly individual problem letters to the customer care department. These letters catch the attention of Karen (Naomi Watts), a customer service representative, who starts to take a keen interest in Davis.

These unlikely pen-pals form a weird camaraderie. Quickly, Davis fulfills Karen and her distressed teenage boy Chris (Judah Lewis) and begins to bond with them. Things alter course when he also befriends his in-laws, especially his father-in-law Phil (Chris Cooper), who is likewise his boss. At the same time, his wild behaviour at the workplace begins alerting alarms, and he eventually loses his job.

Git into heavy machinery and demolition work, Davis begins dealing with a building and construction team. A connection occurs between the demolition work and Davis' thoughts about his life, which he also starts tearing apart. He sells his luxurious house and starts living a more straightforward life focused on self-discovery and inner peace.

While Davis' behaviour initially looks like that of a man in a down spiral, it slowly reveals itself as his path to discovery; finding the life he had actually been living was something he didn't take pleasure in or comprehend. Through his exploration of loss, vulnerability and improvement, Davis begins to find himself.

His journey brings him closer to Karen and her kid while likewise helping him to handle his feelings about his other half's demise. Through this procedure, he ultimately demolishes his previous life to pave the way for starting a new one. In the end, after bearing the force of Davis' unapologetic life assessment, even Phil, his conservative father-in-law and manager, concerns acknowledge Davis' sincerity.

"Demolition" is a non-traditional take on sorrow, with Gyllenhaal's fascinating performance communicating the nuts and bolts of human feelings in difficult times. The movie picks an unusual route, demolishing the conventional ways of grieving and reconstructing through a metaphorical narrative, lifting the main character out of his malaise. Despite the heavy styles, "Demolition" is not a dismal movie; it is filled with dark humor and an underlying enthusiastic tone.

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