Demoted (2011)

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What go around comes around for a pair of prank-playing tire salesmen who find themselves placed in secretarial jobs by their put-upon boss.

Movie Summary
"Demoted" is a 2011 comedy film directed by J.B. Rogers and stars Sean Astin and Michael Vartan. The plot revolves around 2 junior executives who are demoted to secretaries by their new boss.

Summary of the Plot
Rodney and Mike, played by Sean Astin and Michael Vartan respectively, are salesmen who enjoy their high-ranking positions at Treadline Tires. They bum around, play tricks, and ridicule secretaries, especially Ken Castro, who sustains their continuous bullying. When their hard and arrogant manager drops dead, his replacement happens to be Ken, who sees a chance to avenge previous deeds.

Ken, enjoying his brand-new power, chooses to bench Mike and Rodney to secretarial positions and puts them through the same, or even worse, humiliating activities he once sustained. They're removed of their advantages and deal with the difficulties of being secretaries, dealing with the mundane and extensive jobs they once belittled. This consists of handling tough clients, doing paperwork, and surviving the everyday workplace life.

As Mike and Rodney suffer through their unforeseen circumstances, they start to appreciate the when underappreciated roles of secretaries. They soon understand that succeeding involves more than just enduring, as getting their original jobs back would imply having to show themselves. Through a mixture of techniques, consisting of forming alliances, they begin working their method back to their previous positions.

The climax strikes when a big account shows up, and Mike and Rodney see their chance to restore their status. Through effort, showing their nerve, and the sheer will to be successful, they handle to win the account and challenge Ken. Having exposed Ken's incompetence to their big employer, they recover their executive seats.

Throughout their journey, they have learned to respect their associates no matter their task titles and understand the significance of equality in the office. The once obnoxious and insensitive executives progress into understanding and mature people who have actually found out appropriate respect for all job positions.

Concluding Thoughts
"Demoted" highlights the office shenanigans and politics while supplying humor and relatability. The film's essence lies in the journey of the protagonist duos, from their carefree and dismissive attitude towards their secretarial staff, to their ultimate understanding and profound respect for the effort and commitment these roles need.

With a well balanced mix of comedy and life lessons, "Demoted" provides an exciting journey of business redemption filled with laughs and touching moments. It leaves the audience with an essential message of treating everybody with regard, no matter their functions or job titles.

Top Cast

  • Sean Astin (small)
    Sean Astin
  • David Cross (small)
    David Cross
    Ken Castro
  • Michael Vartan (small)
    Michael Vartan
  • Sara Foster (small)
    Sara Foster
  • Constance Zimmer (small)
    Constance Zimmer
    Elizabeth Holland
  • Celia Weston (small)
    Celia Weston
  • Ron White (small)
    Ron White
    Earl Frank
  • Patrick St. Esprit (small)
    Patrick St. Esprit
    JR Daniels
  • Cleo King (small)
    Cleo King
  • Jill Bartlett (small)
    Jill Bartlett
  • Cathy Shim (small)
    Cathy Shim