Desk Set (1957)

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A computer expert tries to prove his electronic brain can replace a television network's research staff.

Film Overview
"Desk Set" is a hilarious and entertaining romantic funny released in 1957. Directed by Walter Lang and written by Phoebe and Henry Ephron, the motion picture includes Katherine Hepburn as Bunny Watson and Spencer Tracy as Richard Sumner. Other critical characters are played by Gig Young and Joan Blondell, improving the film's story. The movie adopts a technological style, being among the first motion pictures to portray the beginning of automation during the mid-twentieth century.

Plot Summary
The story revolves around Bunny Watson, the head of the research department at the Federal Broadcasting Network, and Richard Sumner, an efficiency expert who is dedicated to updating the workplace through automation. Richard is charged with setting up an 'Em marac' - an electromechanical brain primarily designed to computerize business records, causing Bunny's department sensation threatened by the upcoming development.

Richard hangs out in Bunny's department to understand its functioning and examine the prospective efficiency of the visualized technological developments. Throughout this duration, the set take part in energetic and funny conversations that cause a growing shared affection and ultimate love. Their chemistry and witty exchanges add beauty to the total story, making it extremely engaging for viewers.

Dispute and Resolution
Tensions develop when Bunny mistakenly believes that the 'Em marac' machine will replace the research department, leading to numerous misunderstandings. In addition, her relationship with her veteran however non-committal partner, Mike Cutler, played by Gig Young, adds to her psychological chaos.

The climax arrives during the yearly office Christmas party when a freshly operating 'Em marac' creates a payroll mistake, leading everyone to think it's a disaster. Bunny challenges Richard, thinking he's accountable for the turmoil, but is later on humiliated when she finds that the device had been damaged by intoxicated coworkers.

Ultimately, Richard shows that the 'Em marac' maker is not a replacement however a device to increase effectiveness, creating a more streamlined workflow without causing task redundancies. Bunny understands she had misjudged Richard's intentions, and the film ends on a happy note as she finally picks him over Mike.

Style & Critical Reception
"Desk Set" explores the style of technological stress and anxiety, a prevalent issue even in contemporary society. It ponders upon the fear and enjoyment of a world on the cusp of automation and how it affects working professionals. The movie circle the timeless dilemma of man vs maker, however concludes on a favorable note, emphasizing that innovation is a tool suggested to help people and enhance performance rather than render them jobless.

The movie got mixed evaluations. Hepburn and Tracy's electrifying chemistry and humorous exchanges were highly applauded, breathing life into their characters and including appeal to the motion picture. However, some critics felt that the film might have dived deeper into the guy vs machine conflict. However, "Desk Set" continues to be a beloved classic for its light-hearted and breezy story, coupled with its pioneering take on the introduction of automation.

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