Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding! (1967)

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In this comedy, an aspiring singer finds herself single and pregnant. The story begins when she is rushed to the hospital to give birth. She is joined by three men; all of them want to marry her. The story of her pregnancy and her rise to stardom are told in flashback.

"Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding!" is a 1967 American romantic funny movie directed by Peter Tewksbury and starring Sandra Dee, George Hamilton, Celeste Holm, and Bill Bixby. The movie focuses on the life of a hopeful vocalist, Heather Halloran, who is pursued by 3 eligible bachelors, each with their distinct characteristic and intents.

Plot Summary
Heather Halloran (Sandra Dee) is an enthusiastic young woman who imagines becoming an expert vocalist. Raised in a fiercely competitive household by her self-important mother, Louise Halloran (Celeste Holm), Heather finds herself continuously at odds with her three younger siblings, who also aspire to success in different fields. Regardless of the continuous pressure from her mom to comply with traditional norms and expectations, Heather remains figured out to pursue a singing profession.

As Heather starts her fame journey, she experiences 3 qualified bachelors who end up being obsessed with her. The first is Hank Judson (Dwayne Hickman), her next-door neighbor and youth friend who harbors feelings for her throughout their lives. Next, she meets playboy Pat Murad (George Hamilton), the wealthy owner of a bar where she ultimately lands a singing gig. Lastly, there's Dick Bender (Bill Bixby), a kind and thoughtful young doctor who satisfies Heather throughout her task as a medical dictaphone transcriber.

As the 3 guys compete for Heather's attention and love, she ends up being broken in between their significantly different personalities and lifestyles. Hank represents familiarity and a simpler life, Pat provides excitement and financial security, while Dick embodies stability and dedication.

On the other hand, Heather's decision to win the singing contest and launch her career attracts the attention of Mike Mitchell (Dick Kallman), a skill scout from Hollywood. Heather's success seems within reach as she impresses with her performance and receives a standing ovation from the audience. However, the contest quickly ends when her mother, Louise, mistakenly plays a recording of Heather's private conversation about her romantic choices rather of her musical efficiency.

Character Development and Relationships
Throughout the film, Heather grows from a naive and unsure young woman into a confident and fearless person as she gradually finds out how to browse her individual relationships and stabilize her profession aspirations. As she communicates with the three bachelors, she acquires an understanding of her top priorities and ultimately what she desires in a romantic partner.

Heather's relationships with the three males in the story establish in unique and engaging ways. With Hank, the youth relationship progresses into something deeper as they both acknowledge their real sensations. Her relationship with Pat is sustained by enthusiasm and enjoyment yet tainted by his womanizing ways. In contrast, her bond with Dick establishes gradually and progressively, showing the authentic connection between them.

Resolution and Conclusion
After the humiliating incident at the singing contest, Heather decides to end her relationships with the 3 suitors, taking ownership of her life and joy. As she considers her future and faces her mom, she finally acquires the courage to follow her dreams on her terms.

At the end of the movie, Heather chooses to pursue a love with Doctor Dick Bender, as their stable and genuine connection eventually proves to be the most fulfilling for her. With newfound clarity and purpose, Heather embarks on her journey towards a successful singing profession, no longer bound by the pressure of her family or the influences of the men in her life.

"Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding!" deals an entertaining and lighthearted look at 1960s coming-of-age intricacies, balancing the themes of love, career, and personal growth. The interesting storyline and captivating protagonists make it a traditional romantic funny worth reviewing.

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