Doin' Time on Planet Earth (1988)

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Ryan Richmond is an eccentric teenager living with his mother, father, sister and brother in the Holiday Inn they own in Sunnyvale, Arizona, the prune capital of the world. Is it any wonder that he wants to go to Saudi Arabaia for college and leave Sunnyvale far, far behind? He spends his days at school with his sex-obsessed best friend Dan Forrester and lusts after Lisa Winston, the sexy lounge singer who his parents have hired to perform at the Holiday Inn. Stuck without a date for his brother's wedding to a senator's daughter, Ryan goes to a computer dating service, which asks him such questions as "Can you breathe foreign substances?" Soon, Ryan is told that he may be an alien stuck on Earth along with thousands of others. Soon, Charles and Edna Pinsky show up and tell him that he may an alien prince meant to lead his brethren home. And that's when things get out of control...

"Doin' Time on Planet Earth" is a comedy sci-fi film directed by Charles Matthau and released in 1988. The movie checks out themes of self-discovery, originality, and the universal feeling of being an alien in one's own world. The film's main characters are eccentric and the story is driven by the protagonist's make every effort to analyze his origin while navigating the routine trials of adolescence.

The film focuses on the life of Adam Weber, a boy who continuously feels out of location in his own odd family. He is the kid of rich parents who run a successful naked soup organization. Adam's uncommon lifestyle also includes his obsessive-compulsive bro, who can only consume food with set up vehicle devices. The household is even more complicated by the presence of eccentric relatives, consisting of an aunt who is convinced she is a chicken. Adam suspects he might be adopted and starts to question his origins.

His life takes a turn when he visits psychiatrist Dr. Rodman, who discreetly convinces him that he might not belong to this planet and might possibly be an alien. This idea suddenly supplies a reason for Adam's sticking around feeling of alienation. He consequently ends up being absorbed in this belief, scrutinizing the behavior of his surrounding individuals looking for indications of extraterrestrial connections.

Caroline, a gorgeous female shows up at the Weber family's service posing as a journalist, interested in composing a story about the household's entrepreneurial success. A love blossoms between Adam and Caroline, but deep within, Adam fears that his supposed alien origins might frighten her away. He tries to conceal his growing conviction from her.

At the exact same time, a supposed alien hunter 'Sam the Keeper' is privately watching on Adam. Sam believes that Adam is indeed an alien and tries to attract him into acknowledging his real origin.

Climax and Conclusion
The climax builds up at a Halloween celebration where all the characters expose their true identities. Dr. Rodman, actually a radical alien hunter, is exposed. Caroline turns out to be Sam's daughter and was used to coax Adam into revealing his true nature. In the end, Adam recognizes he is not an alien however rather, his feelings of running out location resonated from his struggle with pertaining to terms with his own uniqueness and embracing his distinct background. This realisation releases Adam from his existential crisis, enabling him to completely accept himself and be comfy with his perceived oddities.

The movie ends with a rewarding closure where Adam's simply a routine guy, albeit in a remarkable weird household.

"Doin' Time on Planet Earth" is a well-curated symphony of funny, eccentricity, and unconventional family characteristics, mixed with a tip of science fiction. Through the narrative, the movie efficiently tackles styles of alienation, uniqueness, and self-acceptance. The movie sports an unforeseen, humorous lens on the traditional coming-of-age category, using strange and special components to highlight the lead character's journey towards self-acceptance. Despite the motion picture's obscurity, it uses a fun and quirky watch that leaves spectators with more than simply a couple of laughs.

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