Dominique (1979)

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The wife of a greedy man comes back to haunt him after he scares her to death.

Film Overview
"Dominique", alternatively called "Avenging Spirit", is a British scary film released in 1979. The movie is directed by Michael Anderson and features performances by Cliff Robertson, Jean Simmons, and Jenny Agutter. This chilling scary narrative bases its property around the classic Gothic storytelling elements of worry, manipulation, and the supernatural.

Plot Synopsis
Dominique, played by Jean Simmons, is a rich woman residing in a vast estate. She is married to David Ballard, a stockbroker character enacted by Cliff Robertson, who is on the verge of bankruptcy. The motion picture's plot is centered around David's mentally compulsive and manipulative behavior toward Dominique under his monetary duress, driving her towards a worried breakdown.

He convinces Dominique that she is mentally unsteady, making her think that she's losing her mind, with the surprise intention to drive her to suicide. David butters his scheme with different psychic phenomena, including unusual noises in the night and mysterious appearances, backing Dominique's growing sense of anxiety and thriller. His plans sadly be successful, and a mentally tormented Dominique ends her life.

The Turn of Events
Post Dominique's terrible death, severe instances of paranormal events start happening in the Ballard estate. David, who inherited Dominique's wealth after her death, starts seeing his dead spouse's ghost around your house. Things like opening doors, moving furniture, and Dominique's haunting facial reflections make David's life a living problem.

The thriller unfolds when it's revealed that Dominique is actually alive and all the paranormal activities were a charade planned and executed by her and her sister. The tables have switched on David, who is now led to believe that Dominique's cruel spirit is haunting him. His weakening frame of mind leads him to commit suicide, while a supposedly dead Dominique is offered a second possibility at life.

Final Thoughts
"Dominique" is an exhilarating portrayal of manipulation, deceit, and vengeance. It's a slow-burning psychological horror where the supernatural aspects are mental tools utilized to control characters. The film builds up gradually, maintaining awe and thriller throughout, and lastly reveals an unanticipated twist in the climax.

The film effectively checks out styles of gaslighting, mental torture, and control, demonstrating the destructive power of deceptiveness and the lengths to which individuals might choose financial gain. The setting of the haunting mansion amounts to the movie's suspenseful ambience, and the performances of the cast develop gripping tension that brings throughout the narrative.

In general, "Dominique" is a well-crafted scary film that stands out due to its distinct mental twists and turns. It continues to use audiences a hauntingly suspenseful experience, making it worth a watch for fans of classic scary.

Top Cast

  • Cliff Robertson (small)
    Cliff Robertson
    David Ballard
  • Jean Simmons (small)
    Jean Simmons
    Dominique Ballard
  • Jenny Agutter (small)
    Jenny Agutter
    Ann Ballard
  • Simon Ward (small)
    Simon Ward
    Tony Calvert
  • Ron Moody (small)
    Ron Moody
    Dr. Rogers
  • Flora Robson (small)
    Flora Robson
    Mrs. Davis
  • David Tomlinson (small)
    David Tomlinson
  • Judy Geeson (small)
    Judy Geeson
    Marjorie Craven
  • Michael Jayston (small)
    Michael Jayston
    Arnold Craven
  • Jack Warner (small)
    Jack Warner
  • Leslie Dwyer (small)
    Leslie Dwyer