Double Deception (1993)

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An ex-call girl hires private investigator Jon Kane to find her missing husband.

"Double Deception" is a 1993 Made-for-TV criminal activity thriller directed by Jan Egleson. The suspenseful movie showcases a story of intrigue, deceit, and revenge, featuring Joe Penny, as Frank Madras, Teri Garr as Ellie, and Brittany Murphy as Lisa.

Plot Summary
In "Double Deception", the life of Frank Madras (Joe Penny), a decent and wealthy entrepreneur, takes a tumble when he ends up being suspect primary in a sting operation. Charged of embezzlement and fraudulent business practices, Madras is unexpectedly battling to clear his name and discover the genuine perpetrator. As the story unfolds, Madras discovers that he's been carefully established. The mastermind behind his troubles is none besides his spouse, Ellie (Teri Garr), who prepared the complex trap to steal his fortune. She was aided by the household's attorney, whom she had manipulated into participating in her dark plan.

Meanwhile, the couple's innocent child, Lisa (Brittany Murphy), is caught in between the marital warfare. She is visibly torn in between her parents, finding it difficult to believe the unfolding havoc that her mother orchestrated.

Secret Themes
"Double Deception" rotates around the styles of loyalty, betrayal, and power battle within household relationships. The movie likewise provides an expedition of greed and corruption, effectively depicting Ellie's character as a female whose extreme desire for wealth leads her into the dark labyrinth of conspiracy and deceit. The story exists in a manner that starts a thought-provoking take on marital relationships and the lengths some spouses can go to secure their financial future.

Joe Penny provides a strong and reliable efficiency as Madras, a man wrongfully implicated, struggling to show his innocence. He projects the character's enormous faithful devotion towards his child and his ruthless pursuit of fact with conviction. Teri Garr's representation of Ellie, manipulative and computing, is similarly compelling. Her transition from a relatively dedicated partner to the architect of treacherous plans against her husband depicts her flexible acting skills. Young Brittany Murphy, in among her earlier functions, gives a touching performance as the baffled and vulnerable Lisa.

Important Reception
Critics appreciated "Double Deception" for its fascinating storyline and efficiencies. Though some criticized the film for being too predictable, the majority praised its exploration of complicated styles. The movie was acknowledged for its smart weaving of mystery, thriller, and psychological chaos of a child stuck in between her warring moms and dads-- an element that added depth to the main story.

In conclusion, "Double Deception" is a crime thriller involving a manipulative partner, a set-up partner, and an innocent daughter captured in the familial chaos. The movie amuses audiences with its thrilling plot, strong performances, and expedition of styles of deceit, greed, and desperation within the family unit. The movie is a tip that appearance can be deceiving-- showing how trust can easily be manipulated to serve one's function.

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