Down Rusty Down (1997)

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An anthromorphic tale, humans representing canines, of compulsive traits and raging desires. A gang of neutered men; fat, subdued and lazy, look out for their younger 'pup'- Rusty (Noah Taylor) who is always active and mischievous.

"Down Rusty Down" is a 1997 Australian short movie composed and directed by John Curran. The film concentrates on the dynamic relationship in between a young kid and his canine in the Australian outback, reflecting deep problems about society and human behavior.

Plot Summary
The core narrative of "Down Rusty Down" focuses on a young boy living in a remote Australian community who owns a faithful dog called Rusty. The kid, due to the social standards and customs of his neighborhood, is forced into the traumatizing task of killing his precious pet.

The movie begins with Rusty being more than a simple animal. He's the young boy's best friend and part of the family. The community, separated and still extremely tied to standard worths, perceives Rusty as merely a canine, underscoring the cultural approval of the family pet's energy over compassionate friendship.

Conflict and Climax
The young boy's father, representing the social standards and expectations, orders the young boy to kill Rusty. The father considers Rusty a threat after his actions lead to the loss of livestock. Here we see a clash between societal expectations - represented by the dad asserting the standard view of animals as threatening when not functional - and specific worths, embodied by the young boy's love for his animal.

The story reaches its peak on the day the young kid is expected to shoot Rusty. In an emotionally charged sequence where love confronts social convention, the kid certainly struggles to go against his father's orders, fearfully dragging his feet towards the unimaginable job.

In the face of scary situations, the young kid discovers an unanticipated hero in his sibling. She eliminates the canine herself, sparing her sibling from the traumatic act. This event maps onto more comprehensive societal battles, linking societal standards and expectations that push individuals to participate in traumatic matters versus their personal values.

At the movie's conclusion, the young kid, overwhelmed by regret and sadness, is seen positioning a wooden cross in memory of Rusty, representing his love and loss.

"Down Rusty Down" highlights a number of engaging themes such as the struggle against social standards, the loss of innocence, and the influence of environment on behavior. Even though it works primarily as a narrative of a boy and his pet, it brings a wider representation of social expectations and individual values.

The story employs a pet, slaughtered as the result of typically held views, signifying the victims of societal norms. It effectively depicts how expectations can cause undesirable habits and how dominating these expectations can be challenging, especially for the impressionable young.

To summarize, "Down Rusty Down" is a poignant and thought-provoking film that uses the psychological and terrible story of a young boy and his pet dog to contemplate society's classic battle with traditional norms and expectations. Through its usage of the Australian outback setting and local characters, John Curran's film leads audiences to assess the ultimate casualties of societal standards.

Top Cast

  • Noah Taylor (small)
    Noah Taylor
  • Bob Ellis (small)
    Bob Ellis
  • Jonathan Hardy (small)
    Jonathan Hardy
  • Ralph Cotterill
    Angry Old Man
  • Michael Pate (small)
    Michael Pate
    Rusty (Voice)
  • Bartholomew John
    Master (Voice)