Dutch (1991)

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To get to know his girlfriend's son, a man volunteers to pick him up from a prep school....only to learn that her son's not the nicest kid.

Film Overview
"Dutch" is an American funny film launched in 1991. Directed by Peter Faiman and composed by John Hughes, the movie stars Ed O'Neill, Ethan Embry, and JoBeth Williams. The narrative focuses on a working-class male withstanding a cross-country journey with his sweetheart's spoiled son.

Working-class Dutch Dooley (Ed O'Neill) is in a relationship with Natalie (JoBeth Williams), a wealthy female whose ruined child from a previous marriage, Doyle (Ethan Embry), studies at a prep school in Georgia. Against the backdrop of the approaching Thanksgiving holiday, Natalie asks Dutch to choose Doyle up from his school and bring him house to Chicago, intending that Dutch and Doyle get to know each other much better.

Dutch agrees to the task but is met with hostility from the snobbish Doyle, who displays nothing however disdain for his mom's new boyfriend. Tough however good-hearted, Dutch insists on getting Doyle house for Thanksgiving in spite of the child's attempts at leaving.

Character Development
The movie effectively depicts the character development course of Doyle. At first a spoiled, big-headed teenager looking down on Dutch for his lower socioeconomic class, he starts going through a transformation during their tumultuous journey house. Amidst different comic misadventures, consisting of a flight in a truck and even an encounter with sex employees, Doyle experiences first-hand what real life outside his fortunate bubble appears like.

Relationship Progression
Throughout the journey, Dutch is persistent in his efforts to create a bond with Doyle. They engage in tricks and small fights that gradually however eventually result in mutual respect. A number of occurrences cause Doyle appreciating Dutch's innately noble character. One such occurrence consists of Dutch securing Doyle from extremely more harmful older boys in a shelter.

Climax and Conclusion
When they finally return to Chicago, a new bond shows up in between Dutch and Doyle. The teenager, who when towered above Dutch, now acknowledges Dutch's efforts and kind-heartedness. The film does not end with the boy's change of heart alone. On reaching home, Doyle challenges his estranged, wealthy dad, making it clear that he has no regard for him due to his neglectful nature. This cathartic minute strengthens Doyle's development from a spoiled child to a boy capable of evaluating character beyond social status and wealth.

"Dutch" is a tale of level of sensitivity hidden behind the veil of funny. The movie expertly catches the societal differences and prejudice while focusing on love, family, and the real essence of Thanksgiving. It brilliantly encapsulates the cross-country journey of development and bonding for Dutch and Doyle, mixing humorous occurrences with mentally impactful occasions, eventually causing the privileged brat to develop and appreciate the qualities of a caring, steadfast, and devoted partner to his mom.

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