Edge (2015)

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Missouri, 1865. Josiah Hedges aka "Edge" returns home from the Civil War to discover his closest comrades-in-arms have betrayed him, sparking a bloody reign of vengeance. A mysterious beauty crosses Edge's path, and together they will uncover a dark conspiracy that extends to the highest ranks of American power.

"Edge" is a 2015 American western film directed by Shane Black and based upon George G. Gilman's best-selling western unique series. The movie, set in 1868, concentrates on the life of Josiah 'Edge' Hedges, a brilliant yet damaged Civil War veteran (played by Max Martini), understood for his deadly sword and gunfighting skills.

The movie opens with Edge barely enduring a battle, leaving him with grave physical injuries and serious trauma. His dark past consists of monstrous cruelty that he released throughout the civil war. Choosing to abandon his violent methods, Edge moves to the remote town of Grey Hills, New Mexico, hoping to live a peaceful life.

Nevertheless, his previous rapidly overtakes him. Grey Hills is being terrified by the seven murderous Loner brothers, led by the ruthless and vindictive Jetson Loner (played by Ryan Kwanten), who have actually been tormenting the town. Seeing the atrocities devoted by the Loner bros, Edge feels obliged to secure the innocent townspeople, bringing his violent past once again to the forefront.

Conflict and Resolution
Contrary to his desire to prevent dispute, Edge discovers himself at chances with the Loner brothers. This clash considerably establishes when Jetson Loner kidnaps Merritt Harknett's (played by Alicja Bachleda) boy, the lady Edge has actually grown keen on. Edge is forced to face his haunted past and use his lethal abilities as soon as again.

His brutal ways return in revenge, causing different gun-slashing, blood-spilling scenes. In a lethal face-off, Edge handles to kill Jetson Loner and totally free Merritt's kid. The once-terrified townspeople also get their courage back, guaranteeing the other brothers fulfill dreadful ends.

By making a stand against the Loner brothers, Edge serves justice to the townspeople. This event likewise discovers his buried emotional trauma and help in his personal recovery process, establishing his character and identifying his true self and function.

Critical Review
"Edge" was appreciated for its character development, plotline, and distinct combination of action and drama. Martini, as Edge, effectively breathes life into an otherwise dispirited and tormented soul longing for satisfaction. Likewise, Kwanten's representation of an uncaring bad guy, Jetson Loner, set a new requirement for antagonists in Western genre films.

Director Shane Black brilliantly catches the essence of the Wild West's lawless town and presents an apt background for Edge's individual fight within himself and against the Loner siblings. However, some audiences found the level of violence portrayed in the movie to be overwhelming.

"Edge" may be defined as a dark, violent journey through remorse, atonement, and redemption set against the extreme and ruthlessly lawless backdrop of the Wild West. In spite of the derailing violence, the movie beautifully captures the humankind and justice-driving force within one man against powerful difficulties. As Edge challenges his past and chooses to counter the town's tormentors, the audience gets a much deeper insight into his individual battles, psychological pains, and the supreme pursuit of redemption.

Top Cast

  • Max Martini (small)
    Max Martini
  • Ryan Kwanten (small)
    Ryan Kwanten
  • Yvonne Strahovski (small)
    Yvonne Strahovski
  • Alicja Bachleda-Curu? (small)
    Alicja Bachleda-Curu?
  • William Sadler (small)
    William Sadler
    Big Bill
  • Beau Knapp (small)
    Beau Knapp
    Little Bill
  • Robert Bailey Jr. (small)
    Robert Bailey Jr.
  • Noah Segan (small)
    Noah Segan
    Deputy Bean