Edward, My Son (1949)

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Following the death of his only son, a ruthless businessman reflects on his life, his unhappy marriage and his questionable parenting skills.

Film Overview
"Edward, My Son" is a 1949 British-American drama movie directed by George Cukor and produced by Victor Saville. Its screenplay, penned by Donald Ogden Stewart and Robert Morley, is based upon Morley's 1947 play. The film stars Spencer Tracy and Deborah Kerr in the lead roles.

The storyline revolves around a character called Edward who is never ever revealed on screen. Instead, Edward's life is represented through the experiences and perspectives of those around him, primarily his dad, Arnold Boult (Spencer Tracy), and his mom, Evelyn (Deborah Kerr). Arnold Boult, an effective publisher, is a shrewd businessman whose love for his boy borders on obsession, leading him down a course of damage.

Character Analysis
Arnold Boult is a hard-working, ruthlessly enthusiastic businessman, who constructs a publishing empire for his boy's future. His nonstop aspiration ranges him from his loving other half, Evelyn. He even resorts to unlawful activities, including arson and insurance scams, to recover from monetary problems, unhesitatingly placing his organization interests over his family. His relentless push for success results in his winding up in jail.

Evelyn, on the other hand, is a kind, devoted mother deeply concerned about her boy. She's mainly ignored and eclipsed by her partner's ambition. Evelyn attempts to supply Edward with a normal childhood but resists Arnold's materialistic method.

The Evolution of Edward
Edward matures as a spoiled, rebellious, and irresponsible individual. His privileged training guides him towards a life of decadence and recklessness. Subsequently, he disappoints his parents through bad academic achievement, followed by an unintended pregnancy with his girlfriend, whom he denies weding. These implications sour his relationship with Arnold, who disbands his financial support for Edward.

Tragic Twists
In the middle of stress, tragedy strikes as Evelyn falls ill and eventually dies. Arnold concerns recognize that his actions have actually fueled Edward's negligent habits however continues to blindly support him. Unable to handle his child's increasing flaws, including his unsuccessful marital relationship and drinking concerns, Arnold schedules Edward to live in Canada to reform. However, this only causes Edward's death in a mishap.

Concluding Act
In the concluding act, Arnold, overwhelmed by guilt and loss, finds his empire falling apart. He loses his freshly married spouse, who leaves him after discovering his callous nature. Exposing his previous fraudulent acts lands him in prison, and Arnold loses everything. The movie ends with a dramatic monologue by Arnold, revealing his deep regret and remorse over the life options he made for Edward.

In conclusion, "Edward, My Son" is a tragic tale which portrays the adverse impacts of self-important ambition, the value of well balanced parenting, and the olden argument of worths versus wealth. The hidden character of Edward represents the phantom of blind aspirations and its repercussions. The movie is a stunning illustration of a guy's descent into soul-crushing sorrow due to his lost concerns and unfinished desires.

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