Elektra Luxx (2011)

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A favor for a woman from her past throws the life of a pregnant, retired porn star into chaos.

Movie Summary
The 2011 movie "Elektra Luxx" is a comical follow up to the 2009 movie "Women in Difficulty." It is directed and composed by Sebastian Gutierrez, and stars gifted actress Carla Gugino in the titular function of Elektra Luxx.

Plot Overview
The plot focuses around Elektra Luxx, a retired adult movie star who's struggling to adjust to her new life after choosing to quit the adult industry following her unanticipated pregnancy. To make ends meet, she teaches a community education class called "How to Act Like a Porn Star in Bed", where she offers suggestions and suggestions to ladies looking to spice up their love life.

Main Characters Developments
A turning point comes when she has an encounter with a flight attendant named Cora, played by Marley Shelton. Cora provides Elektra a proposition from her departed rock star ex-boyfriend, Nick Chapel. Before he passed away, Nick reportedly wrote a tune for her and he desires Elektra to have it, but there's a catch. Cora will just provide it to Elektra if she seduces her fiancé, which forms the primary premise of the film.

Story Development
Throughout the movie, random moments of farcical humor and ridiculous circumstances blend with looks into Elektra's inner struggles with her identity, sexual power, and impending motherhood. Elektra also develops sensations for a private investigator, Dell, played by Timothy Olyphant, who has actually been helping her sort out the different chaotic events in her life.

The film's secondary cast of characters brings extra quirkiness and comedic elements to the story. These consist of a set of adult film star twins, played by real-life siblings Christina and Electra Avellan, a sex blogger played by Julianne Moore, and an inept killer played by Ermahn Ospina. They all have their own subplots which intermingle with Elektra's story creating an intriguing mix of comedy and drama.

The movie climaxes as a series of misunderstandings leads to Elektra discovering herself in a pregnant face-off with Ermahn Ospina's character. After the situation is diffused, Elektra discovers resolution in accepting her new life and wants to the future with optimism. She chooses not to continue with the sex trade and chooses to focus on her upcoming motherhood and possible relationship with Dell.

"Elektra Luxx" is a film that takes an uncommon and frequently comedic take a look at the life of a retired adult movie star. It combines elements of farce and drama to present a story that is intricate, humorous and ultimately human. It uses an appealing insight into Elektra's battles with her past and identity as she gets ready for an unpredictable future. The film does an excellent task in blending wry humor with thought-provoking circumstances, sprinkled with a dosage of light-hearted sexual humor, leading to an entertaining and special cinematic experience.

Top Cast

  • Carla Gugino (small)
    Carla Gugino
    Elektra Luxx
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt (small)
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Bert Rodriguez
  • Timothy Olyphant (small)
    Timothy Olyphant
    Dellwood Butterworth
  • Adrianne Palicki (small)
    Adrianne Palicki
    Holly Rocket
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui (small)
    Emmanuelle Chriqui
    Bambi Lindberg
  • Malin Åkerman (small)
    Malin Åkerman
  • Kathleen Quinlan (small)
    Kathleen Quinlan
    Rebecca Linbrook
  • Lucy Punch (small)
    Lucy Punch
  • Marley Shelton (small)
    Marley Shelton
  • Amy Rosoff
    Olive Rodriguez
  • Justin Kirk (small)
    Justin Kirk