Face of Evil (1996)

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Using her girl-next-door looks to her advantage, Darcy Palmer is a calculating thief and murderer. After killing a young college student and taking her identity, Darcy enrolls in the victim's New England school in her place. At the university, Darcy gets to know her new roommate, Jeanelle, and her handsome father, Russell Polk, who soon play into her next scheme. When Darcy has to alter her plans, both Russell and Jeanelle become quite expendable.

Summary of the Plot
The 1996 film, "Face of Evil", is an enchanting thriller motion picture directed by Mary Lambert, featuring Tracey Gold, Perry King, and Shawnee Smith amongst the primary characters.

The film kicks off with the charming character Tracey Gold playing Darcy, who seems an innocent, fantastic, and poverty-stricken trainee having a hard time to settle her college charges and expenses. She fulfills a wealthy lady named Jeanelle, played by Shawnee Smith, and they immediately link.

Character Development
Jeanelle, pleased by Darcy's charming character, presents her to her wealthy moms and dads, who decide to help Darcy economically. Hereafter, the plot takes an unfortunate twist, as Darcy eventually controls and tricks Jeanelle's parents to take their wealth. She utilizes her appeal and wits to take advantage of the wealthy couple's generosity.

The Main Twist and Resolution
Darcy designs a strategy to kill Jeanelle's moms and dads by staging a vehicle mishap. The heiress, Jeanelle, passes away inexplicably, leaving Darcy to obtain her wealth. Jeanelle's boyfriend, Ross, played by Perry King, becomes suspicious about the regrettable series of occasions. He warms up the chase for Darcy, trying to decipher the reality behind the awful death of his sweetheart and her moms and dads.

Concurrently, Darcy is revealed engaging with the insurance company to declare Jeanelle's money. On her method, she frames Ross for killing Jeanelle's parents. Ross goes out of his way to expose Darcy's real face and avenge his lost love. After an intense investigation, the climax develops when Darcy gets cornered with proof of her heinous deeds.

Themes Explored
"Face of Evil" weaves an intricate narrative around deceptiveness, adjustments, and the ruthless pursuit of wealth, particularly through Darcy's character. From an apparently ingenuous individual, she changes into a scheming, cunning villain, highlighting the movie's title and her 'Face of Evil.' Through Ross's character, the movie showcases decision, courage, and the spirit of combating versus unjustified and wicked forces.

In general, "Face of Evil" is a gripping and suspense-filled, discussing the style of how greed can lead an innocent individual to end up being a killer. The film pulls the audience along, ramping up the tension scene by scene, until its revealing climax. This motion picture, however, is not practically thriller and surprises. It also provides viewers a much deeper understanding about human deceit and the dreadful consequences of unchecked greed. It's a cautionary tale about trust, adjustment and the extent a person can go to for financial gain. Regardless of being launched over twenty years back, the movie's story and themes stay relevant and appealing today.

Top Cast

  • Tracey Gold (small)
    Tracey Gold
    Darcy Palmer / Barbara Richards
  • Perry King (small)
    Perry King
    Russell Polk
  • Shawnee Smith (small)
    Shawnee Smith
    Jeanelle Polk
  • Don Harvey (small)
    Don Harvey
    Quinn Harris
  • Brigitta Dau (small)
    Brigitta Dau
  • Simi Mehta
  • Nicole Prescott (small)
    Nicole Prescott
  • Melissa Moore (small)
    Melissa Moore
    Grad Student Tour Guide
  • Frank Gerrish (small)
    Frank Gerrish
    Detective Allen
  • Scott Wilkinson
  • Mireille Enos (small)
    Mireille Enos
    Brianne Dwyer