Fighting for Freedom (2013)

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Two intertwined families, one American, one Mexican, and their fight to save three year old illegal Angelina from deportation.

"Fighting for Freedom" is a 2013 drama movie routed by Farhad Mann and also starring Bruce Dern, Kristanna Loken, and Jose Maria Yazpik. The movie explores the complicated problem of unlawful immigration in the United States via the linking tales of an undocumented Mexican worker and also an American farmer.

Story Summary
"Fighting for Freedom" opens with the intro of Luis Santana (Jose Maria Yazpik), an undocumented agricultural worker from Mexico that comes to the United States to fulfill his dreams for a better future. He hopes to work hard, conserve cash, and at some point bring his better half and also young child over to join him. Upon crossing the boundary, he discovers job picking oranges in the California countryside via a job broker named Cesar (Oscar Torre).

Parallel to Luis's tale, we meet American farmer John "Jack" Harris (Bruce Dern) in the middle of an individual crisis. Jack is an old-school cultivator confronted with financial hardships and also rapidly changing policies that threaten the future of his family members's ranch. Jack's niece, Karen "Kari" Curtis (Kristanna Loken), who has a complex connection with her self-important father (Patrick Durham), is in charge of the economic as well as legal facet of the ranch.

Both stories assemble when Jack is compelled to hire illegal aliens to keep his farm going. During a raid by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Luis is caught and consequently detained. While Jack as well as Kari manage the legal and economic repercussions of this scenario, Cesar benefits from Luis's vulnerability to manipulate him for his own gain.

Luis's Detention and Struggles
Luis finds himself dealing with a migration judge without any lawful representation, as well as inevitably, he is bought to be deported back to Mexico. Regardless of understanding that he is currently a fugitive, Luis thinks that returning would indicate the death of his desires. As he struggles to browse through the complicated system of U.S. migration, he uses up any type of work he can locate while attempting to stay clear of expulsion.

Cesar continues to control Luis, also demanding large fees from Luis's family in Mexico and also intimidating to sharp ICE if they do not conform. The broker makes use of their desperation and also effectively gets even more cash from Luis's other half.

Jack as well as Kari's Advocacy
At the same time, Jack deals with the truth of his ranch's unpredictable future and also acknowledges the integral function that undocumented farm employees play in maintaining the U.S. farming market afloat. Jack, along with Kari, chooses to do something about it as well as becomes a supporter for immigration reform.

Jack's farm ends up being the symbolic battlefield, as the aging owner mosts likely to Washington, DC, to speak prior to a Senate sub-committee about his experiences and placements on migration reform. His testimony stimulates a discussion in the community as well as nation all at once on the hard topic.

As Luis and also Jack's stories come cycle, Kari as well as Luis locate sanctuary in each other's arms in a short lived yet poignant love affair. The ending is bittersweet, as in spite of the obstacles that Luis faces and also the efforts of Jack and Kari, his condition stays unsettled.

"Fighting for Freedom" tackles the complicated as well as delicate concern of unlawful migration head-on via its effective storytelling as well as impressive performances by the lead actors. The film poignantly portrays the human side of the concern, highlighting the challenges and dilemmas dealt with by both undocumented immigrants and the American residents whose lives are intertwined with their own. It is a relocating and also provocative movie that not only captivates, but also encourages customers to look beyond the headings and participate in a deeper discussion concerning the topic.

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