For Your Consideration (2006)

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The possibility of Oscar gold holds the cast and crew of an independent film in its grip after the performance of its virtually unknown, veteran star generates awards buzz.

"For Your Consideration" is a 2006 comedy-drama directed by Christopher Guest. The movie puts together an ensemble cast, a lot of whom are regulars in Guest's filmography. The film spoofs Hollywood's movie industry and the Oscar buzz that surrounds potential nominees.

Plot Summary
The film follows a group of eccentric actors, filmmakers, and publicists connected with a low-budget movie titled "Home for Purim". The film-within-a-film focuses on a Jewish family reunion throughout the holiday of Purim, but what was originally a little independent production develops into a media craze when Oscar buzz starts to distribute around its 3 leads - Marilyn Hack (Catherine O'Hara), Victor Allan Miller (Harry Shearer), and Callie Web (Parker Posey).

The Buzz and Reactions
The Oscar buzz stems from an internet rumor, which transforms the attitudes and fates of the cast and crew. The as soon as decently humble group becomes absorbed in the sensationalism and hype of Oscar season. They begin to alter their personalities and the film's script to increase their possibilities of winning the award.

The publicists attempt to fan the flames of publicity, the newbie director (Christopher Moynihan) gets swept away by the studio's needs for changes, and the stars battle with the pressure and their inflated egos.

Crucial Reception and Career Impact
As the awards season advances, the stars' dreams are shattered one by one, starting with the changing of the movie's title to the more "relatable" "Home for Thanksgiving". The film ends in anticlimax as the Oscar elections are announced: "Home for Thanksgiving" does not receive a single nod from the Academy.

Regardless of the comedy's satirical undertone, "For Your Consideration" ends on a rather sobering note. The movie recommends that the pursuit of acknowledgment can sometimes cloud the creative value, and provides a cynical portrayal of the Oscar fever that takes control of Hollywood every year.

"For Your Consideration" is a comedic commentary on the culture of Hollywood and its fascination with accolades. It presents an appealing story filled with eccentric characters who are, generally, caricatures of real-life Hollywood characters. The movie effectively satirizes the movie industry, revealing its vanity, fickleness, and the typically misplaced aspirations and expectations of those who work within it.

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