Framing John DeLorean (2019)

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A documentary interspersed with acted scenes, this portrait of John DeLorean covers the brilliant but tragically flawed automaker's rise to stardom and shocking down fall.

"Framing John DeLorean" is a 2019 documentary film that retells the iconic and questionable life of automotive entrepreneur, John DeLorean. Directed by Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce, this movie blends an interesting mix of interviews, archival clips, and dramatic reenactments to chronicle DeLorean's fluctuate. It stars Alec Baldwin representing John DeLorean in dramatized portions of the film, supported by Morena Baccarin, Josh Charles, and Dean Winters.

Life of John DeLorean
The movie explores the personal and professional life of DeLorean, a famous figure in the 1980s who is similarly known for his hand in creating iconic American automobiles and his notorious scandal. Beginning his career at General Motors, DeLorean rose the ranks and stood apart as an innovative visionary who had an important function in the creation of renowned designs like the Pontiac GTO. He set out on his own in 1973 to begin the DeLorean Motor Company, his dream of a futuristic vehicle manifested in DMC-12, notoriously featured in the "Back to the Future" film series.

Fall of DeLorean
However, this promising beginning was followed by a turbulent fall. High production costs, lower-than-expected sales, and financial crashes resulted in the downfall of DeLorean's business. He was then knotted in a scandal, charged with drug trafficking as a desperate attempt to restore his company. Although ultimately acquitted, the charges irreparably harmed his credibility and ended his career in the vehicle market.

Analysis and Reception
"Framing John DeLorean" is not simply a narrative of a guy and his dream automobile, rather it uses DeLorean's story as a backdrop to check out larger styles such as aspiration, development, and the high cost of track record. Alec Baldwin's layered efficiency as DeLorean adds subtlety to the story, expressing not just the flamboyance of the character but also his desperation and battle.

The movie was received favorably by critics for its distinct storytelling design. Its combination of documentary and scripted scenes offers a creative take on DeLorean's saga. However, the movie also dealt with criticism from a section of the audience who felt that it did not have depth and stopped working to delve much deeper into DeLorean's state of mind.

In a nutshell, "Framing John DeLorean" is a thought-provoking expedition of the life of an iconic individual. It ventures to offer a balanced view - categorizing DeLorean neither as a maverick martyr nor a conniving bad guy, however just as a fundamentally flawed and made complex person. While it might leave some viewers craving a more extensive understanding of the man behind the car, it is a compelling film that encapsulates a memorable chapter in automobile history.

Top Cast

  • Alec Baldwin (small)
    Alec Baldwin
    John DeLorean
  • Morena Baccarin (small)
    Morena Baccarin
    Cristina Ferrare
  • Josh Charles (small)
    Josh Charles
    Bill Collins
  • Dean Winters (small)
    Dean Winters
    John Valestra
  • Michael Rispoli (small)
    Michael Rispoli
    Jim Hoffman
  • Jason Jones (small)
    Jason Jones
    Jerry West
  • Dana Ashbrook (small)
    Dana Ashbrook
    Ben Tisa
  • Josh Cooke (small)
    Josh Cooke
    Howard Weitzman
  • Sean Cullen (small)
    Sean Cullen
  • Kayla Foster (small)
    Kayla Foster
  • William Hill (small)
    William Hill
    GM executive