French Kiss (1995)

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After her fiancee admits to infidelity while on a business trip in France, a woman attempts to get her lover back and marry him by traveling to Paris despite her crippling fear of flying. On the way she unwittingly smuggles something of value that has a charming crook chasing her across France as she chases after her future husband.

"French Kiss" is a 1995 romantic funny directed by Lawrence Kasdan. The movie includes Meg Ryan as Kate, a generally conservative lady paranoid about flying, and Kevin Kline as Luc Teyssier, a charming French thief. The film is an easy going story of love, misadventures, fear, and self-discovery set in the captivating backdrop of Paris.

Kate is engaged to Charlie (Timothy Hutton), her effective physician sweetheart. However, things deviate when Charlie leaves for a medical convention in Paris and ends up falling for a gorgeous French female called Juliette (Suzan Anbeh). To win him back, Kate confronts her worry of flying and goes to Paris. During her flight, she comes across Luc, a bohemian Frenchman associated with vineyards and minor thievery for a living.

Unbeknownst to Kate, Luc utilizes her bag to smuggle a taken vine graft into France. The movie then revolves around the amusing adventures of Kate and Luc as they traverse through Paris. Luc help Kate in her mission to recover Charlie, all while trying to obtain his lost vine graft. However, despite the initial displeasure, the set start establishing love for each other.

The robust city of Paris plays a crucial role in their journey, with iconic places like the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame cathedral and the rustic French vineyards adding to the movie's appeal. The city's romantic aura and cultural richness weave a mystic environment that promotes the duo's growing relationship.

Character Development
Kate's character evolves from a rather uptight and worried woman to somebody who accepts unpredictability and steps out of her convenience zone. Meg Ryan provides a commendable efficiency, representing her character's change with appeal and humour.

Luc, an obviously complicated character, undergoes an improvement too. He's at first revealed as a carefree, self-serving individual; nevertheless, as his relationship with Kate grows, his softer and caring side emerges. Kevin Kline remarkably includes his French accent and mannerisms, contributing an authenticity to Luc's character.

In conclusion, "French Kiss" is a notable entrant in the rom-com genre. Towards the end, Kate realizes that Charlie isn't her real love, and it's in fact the naughty yet romantic Luc who she has actually developed feelings for. The film covers with Luc pursuing Kate back to America, revealing his vine graft that had actually taken root in her bag, symbolizing the unforeseen yet stunning development of their relationship. Regardless of its predictable plotline of cross-cultural love, the film offers satisfying performances, situational funny, and a captivatingly gorgeous backdrop, making it a wonderful watch.

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