Frogs! (1991)

They're back! Arlo and Gus return in the rollicking, "ribeting" sequel to the award-winning WonderWorks family movie FROG. Gus, a former frog prince turned lounge singer, shows up on his friend's doorstep just when Arlo has little time to help him. But when Gus tangles with a wicked witch, Arlo must come to the rescue, catapulting them into s series of adventure in which they both come to realize you must be true to yourself.

"Frogs!" is a British made-for-television thriller-comedy movie released in 1991 under the direction of David Cobham. Produced by Suffolk Films and aired on ITV, this children's film revolves around the life of two children residing in a little English town who discover a frog nest efficient in anticipating environmental disaster. It is based upon the children's adventure fiction "Deathwatch" by John Lymington, unique noteworthy for its environmental style and focus on amphibian life.

Characters and Cast
The film includes characters such as Tom and Jenny, the brave brother or sisters who stumble upon the frog colony, played respectively by Paul Reynolds and Shelley Thompson. Other significant characters include their puzzled mother, played by Rosalind Ayres and their over-zealous clinical consultant, Dr. Alex 'Al' Ambrose, played by Robert Hardy. Well-known for being a zoologist, Hardy's character unwinds the mystery behind the colony of frogs. The movie likewise stars Juliet Mills as Rowena Irvine, a science worshipper who enters into the kids' group.

"Frogs!" starts with brother or sisters Tom and Jenny exploring around their house in the attractive English countryside. They embark on a canoe journey over a local river where they inadvertently come across a massive, mystical colony of frogs. Soon, they discover that these frogs can anticipate upcoming environmental threats, such as dangers of flood or fire, thus functioning as an important early warning system for their village.

As the story unfolds, the kids find out more about their amphibious buddies' capabilities. They tune their actions according to the frog's gestures and become their brand-new protectors. The brother or sisters quickly discover a rise in frog activity and presume from it the arrival of a natural disaster. Constrained by time, Tom and Jenny strive to convince the rest of the village about the credibility of their findings, but they face considerable apprehension from the grownups.

The style of "Frogs!" is mostly driven by an eco-friendly viewpoint, highlighting the important function of inter-species regard and communication for the environment's survival. It provides the concept that man can learn and get cautions from nature if he listens and observes thoroughly. This ecological point of view makes the film a bit unique in the realm of kids's films, where stories around ecology and ecological awareness are less typically illustrated.

Evaluations and Reception
Upon its release, "Frogs!" received blended to positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. Viewers especially appreciated its clever blend of funny, dream, and adventure, embodied through the captivating lead performances and fascinating plot. Critics applauded the movie for its ability to encapsulate environmental messages within a kids's experience movie, making it engaging while also instructional for young audiences.

Throughout the years, "Frogs!" has kept its appeal and is thought about a timeless amongst British children's television films. It was successful in creating a captivating story around the distinct concept of frogs predicting disasters, making optimum usage of its ecological plot and coming up with crucial environmental conversations in an available method. In general, "Frogs!" stays a good kids's function film for its interesting principle and presentation of environmental styles.

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