G.B.F. (2014)

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The bitter fight for supremacy between the three most popular girls at North Gateway High takes an unexpected turn when their classmate, Tanner, is outed and becomes the school’s first openly gay student. The trio races to bag the big trend in fashion accessories, the Gay Best Friend, while Tanner must decide whether his skyrocketing popularity is more important than the friendships he is leaving behind.

G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend) is a 2014 American teen funny film directed by Darren Stein and composed by George Northy. The film spins around the principle of the "Gay Best Friend" (G.B.F.) in high-end style and teen culture. Recording the battles and approval of homosexuality in modern-day high school inner circles, the movie was launched on January 17, 2014.

The movie focuses on a high school senior named Tanner Daniels, depicted by Michael J. Willett, who mistakenly gets outed as gay, therefore entering the intense battlegrounds of high school appeal. Three of his school's queen bees, Fawcett Brooks (Sasha Pieterse), 'Shley Osgood (Andrea Bowen), and Caprice Winters (Xosha Roquemore), realize that a G.B.F. (gay best friend) is the key to their social success and hence compete to obtain Tanner under their wings.

Tanner's best friend because youth and likewise gay, Brent (Paul Iacono), had actually planned to be the first openly gay trainee in this village high school and reap the social advantages. Brent feels betrayed when Tanner goes out before him and this forms among the movie's main disputes. Meanwhile, Tanner fights with being drawn in different directions by his newly found buddies and his commitment to Brent.

Pressure & Romance
Tanner discovers himself under tremendous pressure from both social and individual angles. He's captured in the midst of popularity, fighting for social acceptance, and a romantic interest. He develops an interest in Brent's privately gay crush, a jock called Christian (Brock Harris). The added stress of this love triangle makes things much more complicated for Tanner.

Comedy & Resolution
G.B.F. weaves aspects of funny throughout its plot, providing a witty take on high school politics, relationships, and the sometimes ridiculous lengths trainees will go to climb the social ladder. The movie strikes a balance in between humor and the serious problems affecting LGBTQ+ teenagers, such as approval, identity, and the pressure to conform. The last resolution sees Tanner facing off against his three queen bees at the senior prom, leading them to understand they had put their social standings over their relationships.

Although the film was not extensively dispersed in movie theaters, it has because established a cult following due to its refreshing and funny take on difficulties faced by gay teenagers. Critics praised it for its heartwarming depiction of friendship and acceptance, however, they have also highlighted some stereotyping concerns. The movie's ending, which stresses the significance of being one's genuine self and focusing on true friendships over social image, was extensively appreciated.

In conclusion, G.B.F. is a satirical trip through a traditional American high school setting that injects comedy while taking a severe check out the life of gay best friends. It leads the way in illustrating LGBTQ+ relationships and acceptance in a frequently untouched setting - the callous universe of American high school.

Top Cast

  • Michael J. Willett (small)
    Michael J. Willett
    Tanner Daniels
  • Paul Iacono (small)
    Paul Iacono
    Brent Van Camp
  • Sasha Pieterse (small)
    Sasha Pieterse
    Fawcett Brooks
  • Andrea Bowen (small)
    Andrea Bowen
    'Shley Osgoode
  • Xosha Roquemore (small)
    Xosha Roquemore
    Caprice Winters
  • Molly Tarlov (small)
    Molly Tarlov
    Sophie Aster
  • JoJo (small)
    Soledad Braunstein
  • Megan Mullally (small)
    Megan Mullally
    Mrs. Van Camp
  • Evanna Lynch (small)
    Evanna Lynch
    McKenzie Price
  • Taylor Frey (small)
    Taylor Frey
  • Brock Harris (small)
    Brock Harris