Going Berserk (1983)

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John Bourgignon, a drummer-chauffeur engaged to the daughter of a United States senator, encounters a sleazy film director, the leader of an aerobics cult, and other crazed characters in the days leading up to his wedding.

"Going Berserk" is a 1983 comedy film directed by David Steinberg and written by Dana Olsen. It includes an ensemble cast led by John Candy, who plays the character, John Bourgignon. The other popular cast consists of Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, and Alley Mills. The film revolves around a drummer who will get married but gets involved in a series of comedic occurrences that create complications in his upcoming wedding.

John Candy's character, John Bourgignon, is a drummer for a rock and roll band called KICKS. He's engaged to Patricia, the daughter of a United States Congressman, and their wedding event is fast approaching. Nevertheless, Bourgignon's future father-in-law dislikes him since of his way of life. Apart from this, he also ends up being the target of a religious cult that's out to assassinate his future father-in-law.

The cult utilizes a method called "fleshing", where they hypnotize their victims to carry out their plans. Sadly for Bourgignon, he becomes their unwary pawn. They hypnotize him throughout a therapy session and direct him to kill his future father-in-law, however he remains partially mindful and seeks constantly to gain back control over his actions.

Cast Performances
The leading function of John Bourgignon is played by John Candy with a great comical sense. He portrays the character's problem well while preserving an aspect of hilarity. Joe Flaherty, as the deranged father-in-law, and comedian Eugene Levy, as the repellent cult leader, add to the comical quotient of the movie. Alley Mills ably plays the function of Patricia, John's unwary fiancée.

Styles & Symbols
The motion picture deals with the theme of adjustment and control, mainly the control put in by the cult and the father-in-law over John's life. The idea of "fleshing" represents the loss of autonomy. It likewise touches on the conflict in between the younger generation's free-spirited nature and the standard attitudes of their seniors, represented through the relationship in between Bourgignon and his future father-in-law.

"Going Berserk" received mixed reviews from critics. Despite that, the movie has more than time, developed a little cult following thanks to John Candy's fan base and its comical facility. Candy's performance was admired, as was the cast members' chemistry, but the plot amassed criticism for its lack of continuity and coherence.

Initially, "Going Berserk" may appear like an error in John Candy's renowned career, provided its lukewarm reception. However, it showcases Candy's comical sparkle that would later on catapult him to popularity. His capability to imbue charm and pleasant vulnerability into flawed characters is plainly noticeable in this film. While not hailed as a classic, "Going Berserk" functions as a marker of the slapstick comedy era of the 1980s and is still valued by lovers of that category.

Top Cast

  • John Candy (small)
    John Candy
    John Bourgignon
  • Joe Flaherty (small)
    Joe Flaherty
    Chick Leff
  • Eugene Levy (small)
    Eugene Levy
    Sal DiPasquale
  • Alley Mills (small)
    Alley Mills
    Nancy Reese
  • Pat Hingle (small)
    Pat Hingle
    Ed Reese
  • Ann Bronston
    Patti Reese
  • Eve Brent (small)
    Eve Brent
    Mrs. Reese
  • Elizabeth Kerr (small)
    Elizabeth Kerr
    Grandmother Reese
  • Richard Libertini (small)
    Richard Libertini
    Rev. Sun Yi Day
  • Dixie Carter (small)
    Dixie Carter
  • Paul Dooley (small)
    Paul Dooley
    Dr. Ted