Hallucinogen (2015)

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To see, or not to see, that is the question. College kids rent a house that keeps them up at night with strange noises and disturbances. A new drug from Amsterdam makes its way to their party and they have to decide whether to take the pill and see what haunts them or be haunted in the dark.

Title: Hallucinogen
"Hallucinogen" is an independent short horror-thriller film directed by Susannah O'Brien in 2015. The story elaborately mixes scary with psychology, exploring the human mind's vulnerability and vulnerability under the impact of hallucinogenic drugs.

Plot Overview:
The movie focuses on a group of teenagers who unknowingly ingest a strong hallucinogenic drug. As the drug begins to take over their minds, their pleasant night of partying quickly spirals into a terrifying experience.

The main group of characters are Clarissa, Alice, J.P., Chad, and Charlie, who were initially getting ready for a normal fun-filled night. The trouble starts when they find a strange flask filled with a hallucinogenic potion. Believing it to be a common celebration drink, they imbibe it without knowing that they have actually consumed a powerful hallucinogenic drug.

The Terrifying Hallucinations:
Following intake, the teens start experiencing extreme hallucinations, manifesting their inner fears and insecurities. They find themselves tormented by gruesome visions, disembodied voices, and spooky figures. These hallucinations are portrayed through the usage of psychotropic cam shots and surreal visual effects, adding a heart-pounding eeriness to the storyline.

Alice and J.P. see their own suicide, Chad sees himself being eaten alive while Charlie witnesses his own death. Each hallucination appears so real that they think they are experiencing an actual truth rather than drug-induced visions.

Fight for Survival:
The battle heightens as the drug-induced state makes distinction in between truth and impression impossible. As their hallucinations get worse, the worried buddies attempt to stick together and keep their sanity, causing a fight for survival versus their own minds.

The hallucinations reach a deadly climax when Clarissa, tortured by her hallucination, eliminates Chad in a state of confusion and fear, thinking him to be a monstrous figure. The horrifying realisation that a person of their pals is now a murderer sends additional shockwaves through the group, increase their fear and danger.

In its denouement, "Hallucinogen" delivers a cooling twist. When the results of the drug finally subside, the enduring pals find themselves face-to-face with the grotesque truth of what they've done. As the hallucinations dissipate, they are left to handle the very genuine and scary repercussions of their actions.

"Hallucinogen" is a cooling take on drug scary that navigates scary and psychology through its narrative. Susannah O'Brien's instructions highlights the haunting and terrifying potential of hallucinogens, showing how an easy misconception can lead to life-or-death consequences. It forces the audience to ask themselves a poignant question - what might take place if our deepest fears unexpectedly became our truth?

The film, therefore, is not for the faint-hearted, integrating a smart narrative with extreme visuals, making it a horrifying testament to the disastrous effects of hallucinogenic drugs. In general, "Hallucinogen" acts as a strong and heart-pounding horror seeing experience.

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  • David Gallagher (small)
    David Gallagher
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    Mindy Robinson
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    Steve Wilder
    Professor McCormick
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    Don Scribner
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