Hardwired (2009)

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After a tragic accident Luke Gibson is left with critical injuries and complete amnesia. A new technological breakthrough from the Hexx Corporation - a Psi-Comp Implant that's hardwired into Luke's brain - saves his life, but Luke soon finds out that this new technology comes with a price and that the Hexx Corporation harbors sinister plans for the new device.

Hardwired is a 2009 sci-fi action movie directed by Ernie Barbarash, including Cuba Gooding Jr., Michael Ironside, and Val Kilmer. The film basically reveals a dystopian future where the social landscape is controlled by corporations that can plant advertisements straight into the subconscious of uninformed people. In this plot, the protagonist, attempting to avenge an individual loss, gets knotted in this delightful crossway of marketing, technology, and subconscious manipulation.

Plot Details
The film is embeded in 2012, where globalization has led to the rise of huge corporations; Hope Corporation or 'Hope' seemingly tops them all. In one unfortunate occurrence, Luke Gibson (Cuba Gooding Jr.), an army veteran, loses his pregnant better half in a cars and truck mishap. Likewise brain-damaged, Luke wakes up without any memory of his past but with an implanted chip in him. The makers of the chip are a mysterious business which ends up being under 'Hope', and they have used this chip to subliminally affect Luke's ideas with advertisements.

Luke's life takes a dogleg when Hal (Michael Ironside), an ill computer system developer, approaches him as the leader of a resistance group called the Unnav. Hal describes the horrific truth about Hope's intrusive marketing strategies using innovative technology whereby clients are become walking, talking, living advertisements.

Main Characters
Luke Gibson, excellently represented by Cuba Gooding Jr., is the reluctant hero bearing a harsh loss on his shoulders, dealing with unexpected memory flashes, streamlined devices, and enthusiastic corporations' clandestine intentions and operations. Val Kilmer breathes life into the male behind Hope, Virgil Kirkhill. Kirkhill's character encroaches into unethical areas, seeing individuals as simply another commodity that can be manipulated and marketed.

Hal, played by Michael Ironside, is an essential character that aids Luke in his battle versus Hope. Hal's character introduces a fresh modification from the standard resistance leader, struggling himself with an incurable disease.

Style & Conclusion
The theme of Hardwired orbits around the darkest corners of future technology joined ruthless corporatocracy. Thereby, producing a dystopian environment where private privacy is bet away for corporate revenues. The battle in between Luke Gibson and Hope, aided by Hal's resistance group, works as the core of the movie's plot.

Hardwired is an insightful story which talks about the merging of innovation, marketing, and individual liberty. It magnificently illustrates the potential of technology to improve the borders and ethical standards of advertising. The story brings us to question the true preferred end of technological developments. It leaves the audience pondering about walking the great line in between essential monitoring for accuracy and control and invasion of individual and cognitive privacy. An appealing and thought-provoking film, Hardwired serves both as entertainment along with a critique of unchecked corporations wielding intrusive innovation.

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