Hollywood Goes to Town (1938)

Hollywood Goes to Town Poster

This short shows how Hollywood gets ready for the world premiere of an "important" movie. The film celebrated here is Marie Antoinette (1938), which had its premiere at the Carthay Circle Theatre. We see the street leading to the theatre transformed to suggest a garden that might be seen in a French palace. This includes the placement of trees and other foliage, as well as large statues along the route. Grandstands are set up so fans can see their favorite stars as they arrive for the premiere. Finally, the proverbial "galaxy of stars" arrives in their limousines. Fanny Brice and Pete Smith make remarks at the microphone set up on the carpet outside the theatre.

"Hollywood Goes to Town" is a short movie produced in 1938 by MGM that presents an appealing story of the Hollywood movie industry during the Golden era of movie theater. The film, a delightful blend of humor, drama, and documentary, functions as a backstage tour to the filmmaking process and the star-studded life in Hollywood.

The film is a special collection of behind-the-scenes clips from the grand best parties, polo matches, and other attractive events that were part of the way of life of Hollywood's high society. It showcases the appeal and charisma of numerous popular personalities of the era, giving audiences a peek into their world beyond the silver screen. The movie frames the city of Hollywood as a picturesque setting where fame, glamour, and movie production are the order of the day.

Documentary Style Coverage
"Hollywood Goes to Town" uses a documentary-style technique to expose the inner workings of the film market. A narrator guides the audience through the procedure, covering the various roles associated with producing an effective movie. The footage includes different locations of film production such as makeup, outfit style, set building, scriptwriting, directing, acting, and editing. It highlights the value of everyone included, from the leading stars to the backstage hands.

All-Stars Lineup
"Hollywood Goes to Town" features a lineup of popular Hollywood personalities including Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Spencer Tracy, and Joan Crawford. Using a clever mix of storytelling and real video footage, the film humanizes these stars, making them more relatable to the audiences. It reveals them not simply as famous stars however also as people with their own peculiarities, hobbies, and individual lives.

Market Parties and Events
Interestingly, the movie features video of Hollywood market events where the viewer can see some of the period's most renowned personalities. It includes clips from lavish celebrations, prominent bests, extravagant soirées, and grand galas. The viewer gets to experience the glitz and glamour of these celebrations, seeing the stars dressed up and enjoying themselves.

Reflection of Hollywood
"Hollywood Goes to Town" does more than simply showcase Hollywood stars; it paints a vivid picture of the Hollywood of the 1930s. It shows the social standards, the fashions, and the pop culture of the time. The characters, the occasions, and even the narrative design all contribute to producing a genuine look at Hollywood's Golden Age.

"Hollywood Goes to Town" functions as both a testimony to the long-lasting appeal of Hollywood's Golden Age and a chronicle of the film industry's development. It supplies audiences with an unique look into the lives of some of Hollywood's most iconic stars and the events that specified that age. The movie's lively documentation of the behind-the-scenes workings of the movie industry and its glamorous events makes the film industry's history accessible and enjoyable for any audience.

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