Homo Erectus (2007)

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Ishbo is a caveman living in the prehistoric age who thinks there's more to life than hunting and gathering. He tries to better the lives of those in his tribe by inventing things like spoons and the toothbrush, which leave everyone, including his parents, unimpressed. He also has a thing for cavewoman Fardart, but she only has eyes for his brother Thudnik. Can Ishbo prove his worth when a rival clan attacks?

Film Overview
"Homo Erectus" is a prehistoric comedy film released in 2007 and directed by Adam Rifkin. The movie features an ensemble cast that consists of Giuseppe Andrews, Tom Arnold, Talia Shire, Gary Busey, David Carradine, and the director himself. "Homo Erectus", likewise known in its later iterations as "National Lampoon's Stoned Age", takes the audience back to the Stone Age, drawing much amusement from the juxtaposition of modern social affairs with the presumably primitive methods of our forefathers.

Plot Summary
"Homo Erectus" is centered on the character of Ishbo (Adam Rifkin), a philosophical caveman who fails to fit in with his fellow cavemen. Ishbo constantly considers the future, considering innovations and improvements for his neighborhood. Nevertheless, these thoughts put him at chances with his primitive society, as they are more inclined towards standard survival instead of transformative thinking, preferring to hunt and mate. They discover Ishbo's ideas ridiculous and see him as an oddball, particularly his own cavemen father, Mookoo (Gary Busey), who is humiliated by his boy's continuous questioning and inventing.

The film becomes progressively interesting when Ishbo's precious cavewoman, Fardart (Ali Larter), is taken by a rival caveman tribe led by Thudnik (Giuseppe Andrews). This advancement leads our philosophical protagonist onto an objective to save his love, regardless of his pacifist nature and his lack of warrior skills.

Comedic Themes
The film presents humor through the clash in between old and modern principles. Ishbo's efforts to produce creations, consisting of writing, toothbrushes, and workout, among numerous other modern principles, are humorous because they are so out of place in the old world of his fellow cavemen. Just as much as the funny, the drama in "Homo Erectus" originates from Ishbo's battles with unrequited love, misconceptions, and familial aggravations which are surprisingly relatable regardless of the obvious temporal distancing.

Performances and Reception
The film is peppered with absurdity and farce, which the cast masterfully plays up to create optimum comedic result. Rifkin's representation of the out-of-place Ishbo is especially interesting, as are Larter's turn as the beautiful Fardart and Andrew's efficiency as the brutish Thudnik that adds comedy and tension all at once.

Nevertheless, regardless of its innovative property, "Homo Erectus" received mixed reviews. Critics appreciated its quirky concept and comic comparisons of modern life to the Stone Age. However, some discovered its execution to do not have the improvement needed to make the concept truly shine. However, "Homo Erectus" has its place in the comedy genre as a testament to the universality and timelessness of human experiences and habits, irrespective of the date in which they happen.

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