How Do I Love Thee? (1970)

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A professor recalls his atheistic father, his devoted mother and his father's blousy mistress.

Film Overview
"How Do I Love Thee?" is a comical romantic movie released in 1970 and directed by Michael Gordon. The film includes an ensemble cast starring Jackie Gleason, Maureen O'Hara, and Shelley Winters. It is based upon a play composed by Peter De Vries and Joseph Fields, illustrating a love story in between an imaginative innovator and a stern but charming woman.

Plot Summary
The plot focuses on the life of Stanley Waltz (Jackie Gleason), who's a not successful developer, always residing in his dream world, imagining big inventories and success. This track of his life makes him a disappointment for his former sweetheart Lena Mervin (Maureen O'Hara), who is a no-nonsense female embittered by Waltz's useless goals.

Stanley's life comes across a twist when he fulfills an attractive widow, Elsie (Shelley Winters). Her partner recently passed away, leaving her with a significant life insurance coverage payment. Stanley is smitten by Elsie and seeks her out as his brand-new romantic interest. On the other hand, Lena, on seeing this brand-new budding relationship, realizes that she has feelings for Stanley too.

Character Development & Resolution
As the plot advances, Stanley reveals a grandiose idea to develop a monolith to the American household, which needs substantial funding. He attempts to get his hands on Elsie's cash to realize his dream and protects a momentary job in insurance selling to win Elsie's affection, only to lose it in his first attempt.

Lena, who has been seeing this unfolding drama, lastly confesses her sensations for Stanley. Nevertheless, she doesn't give in to his whims and wants him to be realistic about his life. Stanley, caught between his fantasy world and his longtime love interest, is left to decide.

In the end, Stanley recognizes that his love for Lena is far more considerable than striving life-long dreams. He concedes to Lena's desires and gives up on his unrealistic dreams, selecting a life with Lena, who genuinely likes him. The film ends on a beautiful note, manifesting that true love has to do with comprehending and accepting individuals for who they are and not what you wish them to be.

Final Thoughts
"How Do I Love Thee?" is a timeless movie providing an engaging blend of love and funny, showcasing the journey of a lead character and his struggle between truth and dreams. The movie highlights the value of being grounded in truth and embraces love that accepts us as we are. The strong efficiencies of the leading characters, particularly Jackie Gleason, add an unique appeal to the film, making it an entertaining watch.

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