I Know Where Lizzie Is (2016)

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When 15-year-old Lizzie is kidnapped, her friendly but divorced parents Judith and Martin are devastated. The police can't find the girl but Tracy Spencer comes forward claiming she's a psychic and knows where Lizzie is. Judith is elated, but it soon becomes clear that Tracy has an agenda of her own.

"I Know Where Lizzie Is" is a 2016 criminal activity thriller TV film directed by Darin Scott and including stars like Tracey Gold, Richard Ruccolo, and Nadia Bjorlin. The story follows the kidnapping of a teen, Lizzie Holden, and how her separated moms and dads, together with an unhinged psychic, attempt to fix the secret behind the kidnapping.

The film begins with a teen, Lizzie Holden (Madison Iseman), being kidnapped from her home. In spite of their estranged relationship, her moms and dads, Martin (Richard Ruccolo) and Tracy Holden (Tracey Gold), instantly come together to find their child. They agree to get the aid of a psychic, Virginia (Nadia Bjorlin), whom they do not totally trust however are desperate for any leads provided the unfruitful examination by the local cops. Virginia is infamous for her controversial psychic capabilities and a history of mental instability.

The Investigation
As the police continue their search with no leads showing up, Virginia starts her psychic investigation. She declares to 'see' Lizzie being kept in a remote place, providing unknown hints about her whereabouts. While Tracy starts to rely on Virginia due to her desperation to find her daughter, Martin remains hesitant. His suspect heightens when it's revealed that Virginia has been involved in incorrect leads and fraud in the past.

The Twists and Turns
The movie takes a sudden turn when it's revealed that Virginia and her partner Rylan (David Chokachi) are the actual wrongdoers of the crime. They have actually kidnapped Lizzie, holding her hostage in an isolated home. Virginia's apparently psychic revelations were in fact manipulative strategies to get trust and divert the attention of the moms and dads and the authorities from their abhorrent act.

The Unraveling of the Plot
The reality emerges when Martin exposes that he had established a covert video camera in his home which taped the minute when Virginia stole a picture of Lizzie. He challenges Virginia and forces her to lead him to Lizzie's real place. A bloody conflict follows, with Rylan getting fatally shot. Virginia, desperate to get away, takes Lizzie captive however is eventually overpowered and taken into custody.

In the vital climax, Tracy and Martin successfully rescue their child from the kidnappers. The distressing experience remarkably heals their stretched relationship, and they commit to rebuilding their shattered lives. The motion picture ends on a controlled note, leaving the audience considering the deviousness of human mind and the unexpected turn of occasions.

"I Know Where Lizzie Is" is a suspenseful thriller that keeps audiences engaged with its unpredictable plot, intense thriller, and captivating performances. It presents severe concerns about trust, deceit and survival impulses under severe scenarios. Regardless of the psychic aspect, the story is intrinsically about a family trying to recuperate from catastrophe and the lengths they go to safeguard their loved ones. The movie brings to life the complexity of human relationships, the unscrupulousness individuals are capable of under desperate scenarios, and the healing power of love and unity.

Top Cast

  • Vanessa Evigan (small)
    Vanessa Evigan
    Rebecca Holden
  • Tracey Gold (small)
    Tracey Gold
    Judith Holden
  • Richard Ruccolo (small)
    Richard Ruccolo
    Martin Holden
  • Nadia Bjorlin (small)
    Nadia Bjorlin
    Tracy Spencer
  • Scott Evans (small)
    Scott Evans
    Henry Spencer
  • Robert Scott Wilson (small)
    Robert Scott Wilson
    Gale Chambers
  • Madison Iseman (small)
    Madison Iseman
    Lizzie Holden
  • Wendy Davis (small)
    Wendy Davis
    Melissa Portman
  • Jim O'Heir (small)
    Jim O'Heir
    Detective Williams
  • Andrea Evans (small)
    Andrea Evans
    Hildie Emerson Scott
  • Andrew Pirozzi (small)
    Andrew Pirozzi
    Officer Kent