Idle Hands (1999)

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Anton is a cheerful but exceedingly non-ambitious 17-year-old stoner who lives to stay buzzed, watch TV, and moon over Molly, the beautiful girl who lives next door. However, it turns out that the old cliché about idle hands being the devil's playground has a kernel of truth after all.

"Idle Hands" is a dark comedy-horror film from 1999. It was directed by Rodman Flender and includes an ensemble cast consisting of Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Elden Henson, Jessica Alba, and Vivica A. Fox. The film's facility integrates components of teen slasher movies with the unpredictability of supernatural forces for a humorous take on being idle or lazy.

Plot Summary
In "Idle Hands", Devon Sawa portrays a slacker named Anton Tobias. When Anton's parents are mysteriously killed, Anton, whose mind is often misted by marijuana, doesn't understand they're dead for several days. His pals Mick (Seth Green) and Pnub (Elden Henson), become suspicious about Anton's moms and dads seeming disappearing. Simultaneously, a demonic force possessing Anton's right-hand man turns it into a killing instrument, which he can not control. His hand begins to take on a life of its own, frequently violently aggressive.

Unchecked Chaos
Anton accidentally murders Mick and Pnub. Nevertheless, they return from the afterlife as zombies, more interested in hanging out and relaxing than producing havoc. Anton, having a hard time to manage his possessed hand, also eliminates his 2 feline pets. He eventually chops off his hand to halt the killing spree.

Love Interest and a Demonic Force
Throughout all of this, Anton is attempting to win the heart of his next-door neighbor, Molly, the character played by Jessica Alba. Molly, uninformed of Anton's grim reality, reciprocates his feelings. Meanwhile, a druidic priestess called Debi LeCure (Vivica A. Fox) learns more about the demonic possessed hand slaughtering at its own will and shows up in the area to damage it. Debi understands that the evil takes over the laziest individual's hand and prompts Anton to keep his hand busy to prevent becoming the pawn in the devil's game.

Like a common slasher film, the climax occurs during a Halloween dance at the school. Anton must stop his murderous hand, save his friends, and safeguard Molly. He likewise has to confront Debi LeCure, who is trying to destroy what is causing all the mayhem. After a series of comic ventures and distractions, Anton, with the assistance of Mick, Pnub, and Molly, lastly beats the demonic hand.

Analysis and Reception
"Idle Hands" is a distinct blend of horror and funny with the age-old saying "idle hands are the devil's play ground" at its core, bringing chaos and humor together. The movie showcases the amusing side of a gloomy circumstance with a considerable quantity of blood and gore, attracting the fans of the comedy-horror category. However, it got combined reviews from critics and was not a box office success.

In conclusion, "Idle Hands" is an eccentric yet gory take on teen horror, integrating the supernatural with comedy components. With a lazy teen as its lead character, the film highlights the prospective evils lurking within idleness and incorrigible lethargy. The fun-filled scary journey is comprised of zombie friends, a demon-possessed hand, an amateur druid priestess, and a love story.

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