Impact Earth (2015)

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An astronomy professor discovers an asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, and rushes to get his family to safety while alerting the world to the danger.

Film Overview
"Impact Earth" is a 2015 disaster film directed by Rex Piano and stars Bernard Curry, Brooke Langton, and Caitlin Carver. The movie, a partnership of Odyssey Media and Pulser Productions, tells the story of a team of researchers who utilises their resources, skills and decision to conserve the world from a catastrophic asteroid that threatens to destroy Earth.

Plot Summary
The film begins with the main character, Derrick Reynolds (Bernard Curry), a salvage specialist, identifying a little asteroid set to crash into the Pacific Ocean, bringing destruction to the Californian coast. He contacts his previous NASA associate, Kathryn (Brooke Langton), to caution her about the approaching catastrophe. Hesitant in the beginning, Kathryn eventually realizes the alarming situation upon taking a look at the impending asteroid's intensity on her radar system.

Creativity, intelligence, and guts come into play as the two researchers consider the needed actions to secure human life from a huge catastrophe. They design a theory that a regulated crash of a spaceship into the asteroid might alter its instructions away from Earth. NASA's original plan of destroying the asteroid through rocket attack shows not successful, providing more contextual urgency to Kathryn and Derrick's innovative strategy.

Secret Events
Identified and encouraged by the impending risk to humanity, Kathryn and Derrick pitch their bold strategy to their superiors. Faced at first with much apprehension, the strategy's credibility is acknowledged when a leading astronomer verifies their proposal. Kathryn and Derrick partner with a team of ragtag engineers and astronauts to effectively perform their theory, taking on a desperate race versus time.

With mounting stress and perfect accuracy, the team successfully manages to execute their strategy. A controlled spaceship is successfully crashed into the asteroid changing its course far from world Earth. Derrick's young daughter, who had been following the proceedings, embodies the collective relief and happiness when she sees the live broadcast of effective mission execution.

The motion picture concludes with the asteroid on course away from Earth sparing the Californian shoreline and its inhabitants the huge destruction it was set to trigger. Derrick and Kathryn's innovative plan not just prevents mass destruction however likewise marks a substantial leap in area research study and innovation.

While "Impact Earth" follows the tradition of various catastrophe movies, the suspenseful storytelling, strong characters, and busy action make it an interesting and memorable watch, leaving audiences in awe of the endless possibilities of scientific development.

Theme and Message
"Impact Earth" masterfully combines aspects of human drama, thriller, and clinical expedition. It highlights the power of human decision, cooperation, and the unyielding spirit to get rid of the difficulties in the face of adversity. The film restates the effective message of how innovative thinking, coupled with strong will and team effort can attain seemingly difficult tasks, characterized by the saving of Earth from a disastrous asteroid effect in this case.

Top Cast

  • Bernard Curry (small)
    Bernard Curry
    Tim Harrison
  • Brooke Langton (small)
    Brooke Langton
    Stella Harrison
  • Caitlin Carver (small)
    Caitlin Carver
    Julia Waters
  • Lew Temple (small)
    Lew Temple
    Sam Dresser
  • Tom Berenger (small)
    Tom Berenger
    Herbert Sloan
  • Peyton Wich (small)
    Peyton Wich
    Nick Harrison
  • Colin Walker (small)
    Colin Walker
    Clay Adams
  • Alexander Eldimiati
    Lead NEO Engineer
  • Junie Hoang (small)
    Junie Hoang
    Elaine / NEO Engineer
  • Edward A. Chambers
    Dean Dugan
  • Jordi Vilasuso (small)
    Jordi Vilasuso
    Agent Grimes