In Name Only (1939)

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A wealthy man falls for a widow but is locked into a loveless marriage with a woman who has contrived to convince his parents she is the ideal wife.

"In Name Only" is an American Drama motion picture launched in 1939, directed by John Cromwell. The movie script by Richard Sherman is based upon Memory of Love, an unique by Bessie Breuer. The motion picture stars Cary Grant, Carole Lombard, and Kay Francis; it presents themes of forbidden love, marital relationship, and morality.

Plot Summary
The motion picture centers on the affair in between a rich male stuck in a loveless marriage and a widow who has actually moved into town. Cary Grant plays Alec Walker, a rich guy unhappily wed to Maida (played by Kay Francis), a wicked and manipulative woman who tricked him into their marital relationship by pretending to be pregnant. Regardless of his dissatisfied domestic life, Alec fulfills and falls in love at first sight with Julie Eden, played by Carole Lombard, a recent widow who has actually transferred to town with her young child, Ellen.

Disputes and Relationships
Upon their meeting, Alec doesn't initially divulge that he is married - a reality found by Julie from Alec's in-laws during an opportunity conference. When faced, Alec confesses that he didn't expose his marital status due to the fact that he fears he would lose her. He is trapped in his relationship with Maida, who declines to grant him a divorce.

Julie, a design of moral fortitude, declines to continue the relationship with Alec up until he is divorced. All at once, Maida feigns a heart condition to postpone the divorce further and preserve her high-society life. Alec, believing he is triggering harm to Maida's health, deserts his pursuit of a divorce, leaving Julie dejected and seemingly out of alternatives.

Climax and Conclusion
In a significant turn of occasions, a sad Alec ends up being seriously ill. As his health weakens, Julie stays by his side. Maida overhears a discussion between her spouse and Julie and understands Alec's real feelings for Julie. This moment serves as an awakening for Maida; she decides to step aside and let Alec be with Julie. As Alec recovers, the couple is finally permitted to begin their life together while Maida makes her exit, leaving Alec not out of love but for self-preservation.

General Impressions
"In Name Only" resonates as a timeless significant love focused around societal norms, prohibited love, and the intricacies of marital relationship. It showcases meticulous performances by the lead heralds-- Cary Grant, Carole Lombard, and Kay Francis, making it a noteworthy film of the pre-war Hollywood era. The storyline draws its audience in through its extensive character development and extreme plot twists, providing a psychological rollercoaster that highlights the idea of love and morality in society.

Top Cast

  • Carole Lombard (small)
    Carole Lombard
    Julie Eden
  • Cary Grant (small)
    Cary Grant
    Alec Walker
  • Kay Francis (small)
    Kay Francis
    Maida Walker
  • Charles Coburn (small)
    Charles Coburn
    Richard Walker
  • Helen Vinson (small)
    Helen Vinson
  • Katharine Alexander (small)
    Katharine Alexander
  • Jonathan Hale (small)
    Jonathan Hale
    Dr. Gateson
  • Nella Walker (small)
    Nella Walker
    Mrs. Walker
  • Alan Baxter (small)
    Alan Baxter
  • Maurice Moscovitch (small)
    Maurice Moscovitch
    Dr. Muller
  • Peggy Ann Garner (small)
    Peggy Ann Garner