Infinity Baby (2017)

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Owing to a genetic mix-up involving stem cell research, the recently founded company Infinity Baby is able to offer a service for aspiring parents who never want to leave the baby bubble — infants that do not age.

Film Overview
"Infinity Baby", directed by Bob Byington and scripted by Onur Tukel in 2017, is an indie funny film laced with black humour. It presents a wacky premise: a reality where a genetic engineering company accidentally produces infants who do not age, called as "Infinity Babies". The film included an ensemble cast, including Kieran Culkin, Nick Offerman, Martin Starr, Kevin Corrigan, Megan Mullally, and Noël Wells.

The Plot
In the alternative universe of "Infinity Baby", a stem cell enhancement business inadvertently produces a league of forever infants who don't age due to an adverse effects of a medication, and subsequently, the eponymous corporation is made up to take care of these irreversible children. The organization is run by the cynically amusing Neo Luddite Ben (played by Kieran Culkin) who blissfully subsists in his irresponsible life. These perpetual infants hardly need any food and sleep practically all day, and the Infinity Baby company pays surrogate moms to look after these infants.

However, Ben, who himself is an embodiment of eternal teenage years, incapable of devoting to anything, is not interested in looking after these children. He hands down this responsibility to his inept pals Larry (played by Kevin Corrigan) and Malcolm (Martin Starr). Ben's lack of commitment extends to his love life where he has a well-structured system of entering relationships only to get rid of them within a week, which forms a side arc in the story.

Character Development and Themes
Ben, in the busy world of "Infinity Baby", is a character caught in his self-imposed bubble of immaturity. To maintain his reckless lifestyle, at both individual and professional fronts, he continuously controls scenarios and relationships to his benefit, with his mom(a noteworthy scene by Megan Mullally) and his girlfriend, Allison(Noël Wells).

The film's style revolves around stagnancy and fear of dedication through the metaphorical usage of its sci-fi element-- Infinity Babies representing the nonstop phase of irresponsibility and wavering dedication. The film shows how characters are ending up being increasingly inept at handling duties and forming deep, meaningful relationships by juxtaposing them with infants as a commentary on the adult years in the modern-day world.

Cinematic Style and Reception
The film's distinct and minimalist visual, sharp discussion and its swerve into a surreal facility creates a dry yet surreal type of humour. In spite of providing a brand-new perspective on dystopian reality, the "Infinity Baby" brought in a different range of reactions. While it was lauded by some critics for its unusual satirical take on modern-day men's objection to grow up, others felt that it did not totally explore its intriguing facility, making it feel underdeveloped. Nevertheless, the film's character-driven representation and performances, particularly from Kieran Culkin and Nick Offerman, were widely praised.

Ultimately, "Infinity Baby" utilizes absurd funny and an unique dystopian facility to critique modern-day society's avoidance of adulthood and responsibility. Even with its mixed responses, it's an appealing effort at non-conventional storytelling, powered by strong efficiencies from the ensemble cast.

Top Cast

  • Kieran Culkin (small)
    Kieran Culkin
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    Trieste Kelly Dunn
  • Nick Offerman (small)
    Nick Offerman
  • Martin Starr (small)
    Martin Starr
  • Kevin Corrigan (small)
    Kevin Corrigan
  • Megan Mullally (small)
    Megan Mullally
  • Noël Wells (small)
    Noël Wells
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    Stephen Root
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    Martha Kelly
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    Zoe Graham
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