It Came from Hollywood (1982)

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Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Gilda Radner and Cheech and Chong present this compilation of classic bad films from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Special features on gorilla pictures, anti-marijuana films and a special tribute to the worst film maker of all-time, Ed Wood.

"It Came from Hollywood" is a funny film that was produced in the United States in 1982. This film, directed by Malcolm Leo and Andrew Solt, is a combination of various comedic aspects and genres within one film. It is basically a pastiche of B-movies, and pays homage to the genre by including numerous renowned comics such as John Candy, Cheech & Chong, Gilda Radner, and Dan Aykroyd. The comics play the function of storytellers, offering humorous commentary on the many B-movie clips showcased throughout the movie.

Plot Summary
The film's property revolves around a curated reel of scenes from traditional B-movies. These films, from the 1950s and 1960s, are understood for their 'low budget plan' and 'cheesy' production worths, extremely simplistic plotlines, and sometimes over-acted performances. "It Came from Hollywood" recontextualizes these scenes, utilizing them as material for the comedians to riff on and add their amusing spin.

There's no conventional story or plot in "It Came from Hollywood". However, it's divided into thematic segments each introduced and settled by the narrator-comedians. The wide-ranging segments include whatever from monsters and aliens to bad men, gorillas, large females, teenagers gone bananas, and much more.

The Performances
The performance of the 4 storytellers - Candy, Chong, Radner, and Aykroyd - provide much funny and sarcasm that highlights the humor in spite of the absence of a complicated storyline. Although the movie mainly consists of movie clips, the narrative serves as a comical glue that bonds everything and makes it cohesive. These 4 comical heavyweights utilize their own distinct design of funny to give amusing commentary on the clips, making fun of everything from the movie's over-the-top performances to the hilariously poor unique results.

The Purpose and Reception

"It Came from Hollywood" was a way for these comedians to honor the B-movie classics in their own distinct way. It provides a humorous tribute to the category, recording the essence of these often-ridiculed however much-loved films. Regardless of some critics' remarks about the lack of a structured plot, the film has a cult following who appreciates the comedic worth it provides. It's a nod to B-movies and a bonanza for those who enjoy pop culture, and an appreciation of movies that don't align with mainstream Hollywood requirements.

Whilst "It Came from Hollywood" does not follow a traditional movie story or structure, it provides a classic, funny, and varied choice of clips from B-movies. Its mix of humor, satire, and homage, looped by the talents of the 4 esteemed comics makes it a distinct watching experience. The film represents a gratitude for the cinematic underdogs, and a testament to the power of comedic reinterpretation. Despite its nontraditional format, the film was well-received by the audience who loved the category.

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