It's a Whole New West: The Making of 'Wild, Wild West' (1999)

It's a Whole New West: The Making of 'Wild, Wild West' Poster

This is a promotional behind the scenes featurette that originally appeared on HBO. A lot of the usual interviews and behind-the-scenes clips, but enjoyably, there are a few shots that look at how the FX were filmed.

"It's a Whole New West: The Making of 'Wild, Wild West'" is a 1999 behind the curtain documentary of the production of the movie "Wild Wild West". This film, guided by Barry Sonnenfeld, starred Will Smith as James West as well as Kevin Kline as Artemus Gordon, based upon the 1960s television series of the exact same name. The docudrama gives an in-depth insight right into the production process, showcasing the sophisticated collections, special impacts, and also extreme work that went into creating this one-of-a-kind mix of activity, comedy, science fiction, as well as western styles.

Pre-production Planning
The production of "Wild, Wild West" began with an energised brainstorming session amongst the employee, including supervisor Barry Sonnenfeld, producer Jon Peters, as well as film writer S.S. Wilson. They worked with introducing ingenious concepts and also taking brand-new personalities to develop an action-adventure film mixed with a western setting. The primary challenge in production of this film was adapting this original 1960s television collection right into a major motion picture as well as reinterpreting the legendary personalities for a modern-day target market. Will Smith was selected for the lead function of James West because of his remarkable success in "Men In Black", which sealed his standing as one of Hollywood's leading stars.

The Cast
Signing Up With Will Smith in the actors were Kevin Kline as Artemus Gordon and Kenneth Branagh as Dr. Arliss Loveless. Generally, the cast was a varied mix of well-known stars with different acting designs as well as histories, which added to the movie's special flavor. Kline exposed that he delighted in making use of wit and wit in his duty as the chameleon-like Artemus Gordon. Branagh accepted the opportunity of playing the diabolical, humorously atrocious act of Dr. Loveless. Salma Hayek, playing the role of Rita Escobar, stated that she enjoyed servicing the movie since it was an enjoyable mix of numerous movie genres.

Set Design and also Costume
Producing a genuine and aesthetically enticing setup for the film was a crucial part of the manufacturing. The sets were grand and also lavish, taking the target market back to the 19th century America. Shooting locations consisted of locations in California, New Mexico, and Utah to capture their desert landscapes and also natural beauty. Additionally, sophisticated costumes were designed for the characters, completely complementing the in-depth sets and also establishes the tone for the movie.

Unique Effects as well as Stunts
"Wid, Wild West" features a distinct mix of unique effects as well as stunts that blend flawlessly with sensible aspects. A significant section of the budget was designated towards using CGI as well as other phenomenal aesthetic results. The film showcased a large mechanical spider, created to show the technical innovations of the moment. Will Smith and also Kevin Kline did a lot of their very own stunts, that included extensive fight scenes and remarkable horse-riding sequences.

Cooperation and also Team Effort
The production of "Wild, Wild West" was a monstrous job that called for a joint effort from various departments involved in the job. From the supervisor to the set developers, outfit designers, special result artists, and also the actors, everybody played a vital duty in the effective execution of the task. The continuous teamwork and also commitment of everybody involved in the movie developed an enjoyable and aesthetically incredible film that still holds an one-of-a-kind area in the genre of action-comedy movies.

To conclude, "It's a Whole New West: The Making of 'Wild, Wild West'" gives an interesting insight into the efforts as well as group collaboration it took to bring this ambitious task to life. From the elaborate sets, the specialized cast, and also the one-of-a-kind blend of multiple styles, the docudrama supplies a detailed check out the production of this remarkable film.

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