Jiu Jitsu (2020)

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Every six years, an ancient order of jiu-jitsu fighters joins forces to battle a vicious race of alien invaders. But when a celebrated war hero goes down in defeat, the fate of the planet and mankind hangs in the balance.

"Jiu Jitsu" is a 2020 martial arts sci-fi film directed by Dimitri Logothetis and co-written by Dimitri Logothetis and Jim McGrath. The film includes an ensemble cast that includes Nicolas Cage, Alain Moussi, Frank Grillo, Marie Avgeropoulos, Juju Chan, Tony Jaa, and Rick Yune. Its story is a mix of epic martial arts combat and extraterrestrial warfare, with the fate of the Earth hanging in balance.

Plot Summary
The film starts with Jake Barnes (Alain Moussi), a popular Jiu Jitsu fighter, experiencing extreme amnesia after being injured while attempting to escape from an unseen force. He's rescued by a military team and required to a U.S. military outpost. He leaves from captivity and is recaptured by Myra (Marie Avgeropoulos), who brings him to a group of fighters led by Wylie (Nicolas Cage).

The group exposes that an ancient order of Jiu Jitsu fighters has been fighting a fearsome alien warrior, called Brax, who concerns Earth every 6 years through a portal, requiring a fight with the selected Jiu Jitsu fighters. If he is not provided this battle, he would bring damage to the Earth. Jake is revealed to be a crucial member and selected warrior of this group. Renewed, Jake decides to face Brax and his memory returns gradually.

Character Dynamics
As an amnesiac and chosen warrior, Alain Moussi's character Jake is well established throughout the movie. His journey from an amnesiac to an experienced fighter prepared to save the world is impressive. Moreover, his interaction with the group, particularly with the crazy hermit fighter Wylie, played by Nicolas Cage, is fascinating. Nicolas Cage's quirky yet competent character is one of the highlights of the film, supplying minutes of levity and depth.

Action Sequences and Special Effects
"Jiu Jitsu" exults with numerous highly-charged, impeccably choreographed action and combating sequences, highlighted by the martial art kind, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Together With Alain Moussi, Tony Jaa shines in his combative function, putting on a remarkable display of martial artistry. The series are even more boosted by skilled CGI and special results, specifically in scenes involving the villain alien warrior, Brax.

In conclusion, "Jiu Jitsu" (2020) blends martial arts and sci-fi aspects to produce an action-packed phenomenon. In spite of its standard good-versus-evil narrative, the film's key strengths remain in its engrossing fight scenes and the presence of Nicolas Cage, whose eclectic performance adds an interesting taste to the motion picture. While the storyline may come off as a little cliche and far-fetched, it's the well-orchestrated fight series and the genuine execution of the Jiu Jitsu martial art form that make it a rewarding look for action and martial arts fans.

Top Cast

  • Nicolas Cage (small)
    Nicolas Cage
  • Alain Moussi (small)
    Alain Moussi
  • Frank Grillo (small)
    Frank Grillo
  • Tony Jaa (small)
    Tony Jaa
  • JuJu Chan (small)
    JuJu Chan
  • Marie Avgeropoulos (small)
    Marie Avgeropoulos
  • Rick Yune (small)
    Rick Yune
    Capt Sand
  • Eddie Steeples (small)
    Eddie Steeples
  • Dan Rizzuto
  • Ryan Tarran (small)
    Ryan Tarran
  • John D. Hickman (small)
    John D. Hickman
    Sgt. Hickman