Joanna Lumley: Elvis and Me (2015)

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Joanna Lumley travels to the USA to follow in the King of Rock 'n' Roll's footsteps.

"Joanna Lumley: Elvis and Me" is a captivating and informative 2015 documentary that follows the journey of celebrated British starlet and television speaker Joanna Lumley as she checks out the life of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley. A self-confessed fan of Elvis since her youth, Lumley takes the audience on an individual trip to discover more about the icon whose music captivated her and countless others worldwide.

Lumley's Personal Connection to Elvis
The documentary starts with Joanna Lumley recollecting her love for Elvis given that her teenage years. She strongly remembers how his music stirred her and supplies an intimate take a look at how his tunes and persona affected her life. Lumley's interest and respect for Elvis set the tone for the whole film, as she embarks on a journey to understand not simply Elvis the superstar, but Elvis the individual.

Checking Out Elvis' Roots and Early Life
To truly comprehend Elvis Presley, Joanna Lumley begins at the start, in Tupelo, Mississippi, where Elvis was born and raised in simple circumstances. The documentary captures the essence of Elvis' early life, from his basic childhood to his spiritual influences and family life. Lumley gos to substantial areas such as Elvis' youth home and his school, getting insights from those who knew the Presley family. These early years supply a context for the development of Elvis' character and his eventual rise to popularity.

The Memphis Experience and Musical Beginnings
As the movie advances, Lumley takes us to Memphis, Tennessee, the city where Elvis' profession genuinely started. She explores the abundant musical landscape of Memphis throughout the 1950s where blues, country, and gospel music assembled to form the young artist's special noise. Checking Out Sun Studio, Lumley relives the momentous days where Elvis recorded his first innovative tracks and signed with supervisor Colonel Tom Parker.

Graceland and the Height of Fame
Perhaps the most evocative part of the journey, Lumley's visit to Graceland-- Elvis' famed mansion-- immerses us into the personal world of Elvis Presley. The documentary offers a tour of the extravagant estate, offering insights into his personal life, relationships, and his life at the peak of his popularity. Lumley meets close friends and employees of Elvis, sharing touching anecdotes that assist demystify the legend.

Elvis' Cultural Impact and Legacy
In this area, Lumley talks about the enormous cultural effect Elvis had in America and across the globe. She takes a look at how he broke social and racial barriers with his music and design, influencing a generation and triggering the rock 'n' roll transformation. Lumley likewise discuss the darker aspects of fame, resolving the stress, expectations, and risks that eventually took a toll on Elvis' health and personal life.

Conclusion and Personal Reflections
Towards the end of the movie, Joanna Lumley provides her own reflections on what Elvis and his music have meant to her and why his legacy endures. She thinks about Elvis' terrible death at the age of 42 and considers on what he might have achieved had he lived longer. The documentary closes with Lumley paying tribute to Elvis Presley, reminding viewers that his impact continues to be felt today, both in music and in the hearts of his countless fans.

Through "Joanna Lumley: Elvis and Me", audiences are welcomed not just to witness the story of Elvis through the eyes of a devoted fan however to understand the male behind the misconception. Lumley's individual journey demonstrates her deep admiration for Elvis and highlights why he stays a long-lasting figure in popular culture.

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