Johnny Handsome (1989)

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A career criminal who has been deformed since birth is given a new face by a kindly doctor and paroled from prison. It appears that he has gone straight, but he is really planning his revenge on the man who killed his mentor and sent him to prison.

"Johnny Handsome" is a 1989 American crime drama directed by Walter Hill and stars Mickey Rourke, Ellen Barkin, Elizabeth McGovern, Morgan Freeman, and Forest Whitaker. The movie is based on the novel "The Three Worlds of Johnny Handsome" by John Godey. It informs the story of John Sedley, a male with a disfigured face and a criminal past, who is offered a second possibility at life through facial restoration surgery and attempts to leave his criminal life behind.

Plot Overview
The film opens with John Sedley, nicknamed "Johnny Handsome" for his paradoxically deformed face. He participates in a burglary alongside his long-lasting good friend Mikey Chalmette and a couple, Rafe Garrett and Sunny Boyd, who betray them. Mikey is eliminated during the break-in, and Johnny is apprehended by Lieutenant A.Z. Drones and sentenced for heist and murder. While in prison, Johnny satisfies Dr. Steven Fisher, a cosmetic surgeon who sees potential in Johnny and offers him a possibility at redemption through reconstructive surgery to correct his disfigurement.

After the effective surgery, Johnny begins afresh with a brand-new identity, presuming the name Johnny Mitchell. He secures a legitimate job in a shipyard however is secretly plotting payback for the betrayal that led to his incarceration and Mikey's death. Johnny reconnects with Donna McCarty, a kind lady who formerly showed him empathy, and they establish a romantic relationship.

On The Other Hand, Lieutenant Drones harbors suspicion about Johnny's change and keeps a close eye on him, waiting for him to slip up. Johnny's desire for revenge grows, and he quickly includes himself in a strategy to specific revenge on Rafe and Sunny. As the detailed strategy unfolds, Johnny browses a treacherous course, attempting to balance his anger and the possibility of a new life with Donna, who is uninformed of his cruel intents.

Styles and Character Evolution
"Johnny Handsome" looks into styles of identity, revenge, and redemption. The film explores the concern of whether an individual can truly alter or if they are destined repeat past mistakes. Johnny's struggle between his newfound life and his quest for vengeance serves as the main dispute of the narrative. In spite of his outward transformation, he faces internal chaos as he is pulled between the criminal world he knows and the chance to lead a normal life.

Johnny's character advancement is the crux of the film; his physical improvement represents the possibility of change. Nevertheless, his inability to let go of his past and pursue a completely new future eventually puts him at chances with his desire for retribution.

Performances and Direction
Mickey Rourke provides an effective performance as Johnny, handling to stimulate sympathy for his character's plight and crafting an intricate portrayal of a male seeking redemption. Ellen Barkin and Elizabeth McGovern supply strong supporting functions, with Barkin playing the treacherous Sunny and McGovern as the caring Donna. Morgan Freeman brings gravitas to the function of Lieutenant Drones, working as the movie's moral compass. Forest Whitaker's Dr. Fisher represents the expect Johnny's rehab.

Walter Hill's direction is gritty and trendy, with the New Orleans setting offering a moody background for the tale of criminal activity and redemption. The pacing of the movie is systematic, permitting character development while leading up to an extreme climax.

"Johnny Handsome" is a thought-provoking police procedural that questions the idea of natural criminality versus the influence of environment and situation on a person's choices. It stands apart for its treatment of improvement, both physical and mental, and the intricacies of humanity. The movie's message, paired with excellent efficiencies and compelling instructions, makes it a noteworthy entry in the category of police procedural from the late 1980s.

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