Just One of the Girls (1993)

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Chris has to change school to attend a music program, but a bully named Kurt is going to make his life impossible so he decided to dress as a girl to avoid this. Taking advantage of his condition he became (girl-)friend with Marie, and fell in love with her.

"Just One of the Girls", which was likewise released under the title "Anything for Love" in some regions, is a 1993 Canadian teenage funny movie directed by Michael Keusch. The story revolves around a high school boy who cross-dresses to escape the school bully. The movie stars Corey Haim, Nicole Eggert, Cameron Bancroft, and Kevin McNulty, and was launched direct-to-video.

Plot Overview
"Just One of the Girls" follows the story of Chris Calder (Corey Haim), a high school kid handling the school bully, Kurt. When Chris's parents leave town on a trip, he chooses to deal with Kurt at last. In a fit of desperation, Chris obtains his younger sibling's school uniform and goes to school pretending to be a girl. He believes Kurt will not have the ability to badger him if he is a lady.

While posing as a female trainee, Chris befriends the popular lady in school, Marie Stark (Nicole Eggert). During their interactions, Chris falls for Marie. Nevertheless, Marie doesn't know Chris's real identity and believes he is simply another woman at school. Meanwhile, as a woman, Chris is attracting undesirable attention from a male student named John (Cameron Bancroft).

Stirring Complications
Problems emerge when John begins establishing feelings for Chris, who is impersonating a girl. Chris attempts to ward off John's romantic advances while handling his platonic relationship with Marie and his pursuit to get away Kurt's constant bullying. Throughout the movie, Chris needs to browse the intricate web of high school relationships while trying to preserve his secret identity.

Chris handles to deal with the situation quite well up until Kurt discovers his secret. Kurt challenges Chris to meet him at the wrestling ring, intending to fight him. However, before the climax unfolds, Chris's trick is exposed to everyone at school.

Conclusion and Reflection
In the end, Chris beats Kurt at the fumbling match and wins regard among his schoolmates. He likewise ends up exposing his true identity to Marie, who is stunned at first however ultimately reciprocates Chris's feelings. He likewise makes the understanding and respect of John.

"Just One of the Girls" is a tale about the nerve and remarkable lengths a high school student would go to overcome bullying. The film assesses the intricate concerns of teenage years, identity, love, and understanding. Regardless of its comical undertone, it brings a profound message about accepting oneself, challenging standards, and the power of relationship and nerve.

Despite utilizing the tropes of the 90s, the motion picture still resonates with its audience due to its delicate handling of its style, outstanding performances, and a dash of humor. The film is intertwined with light-hearted funny and teenage angst and offers a distinct take on the dramas of high school life disguised under an enjoyable, entertaining story.

Top Cast

  • Corey Haim (small)
    Corey Haim
    Chris Calder
  • Nicole Eggert (small)
    Nicole Eggert
    Marie Stark
  • Cameron Bancroft (small)
    Cameron Bancroft
    Kurt Stark
  • Johannah Newmarch (small)
    Johannah Newmarch
    Julie Calder
  • Kevin McNulty (small)
    Kevin McNulty
    Louis Calder
  • Wendy Van Riesen (small)
    Wendy Van Riesen
    Norma Calder
  • Gabe Khouth (small)
    Gabe Khouth
  • Lochlyn Munro (small)
    Lochlyn Munro
  • Rachel Hayward (small)
    Rachel Hayward
    Ms. Glatt
  • Molly Parker (small)
    Molly Parker
  • Shane Kelly