Kevyn Aucoin Beauty & the Beast in Me (2017)

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A documentary exploring the life and legacy of iconic makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin.

"Kevyn Aucoin Beauty & the Beast in Me" is an interesting 2017 documentary film by Lori Kaye, expressing a poignant story of the life and career of the late, distinguished makeup artist and appeal influencer, Kevyn Aucoin. The deeply moving film probes into Aucoin's individual experiences, imaginative aspiration, and his battle with different issues both physically and mentally that eventually resulted in his premature death.

Early Life
The documentary opens with Aucoin's background, exposing his childhood as an embraced kid in Louisiana. Growing up as a homosexual in a conservative society, Aucoin was subjected to vicious bullying due to his sexuality and for pursuing interest in the generally 'feminine' domain of make-up. Using self-taught makeup methods, Aucoin began his profession as a makeup artist, eventually moving to New York in the 1980s to pursue his imaginative passion.

Profession and Impact
Upon his relocation to New York, Aucoin soon started working with influential fashion photographers, designers, and celebrities, becoming a highly in-demand artist in the beauty market. His extraordinary skill and charismatic personality were appreciated by numerous and made him a prominent figure in the market. Aucoin's work was lauded for its delicate artistry and adaptability, redefining the standards of appeal.

Individual Struggles
However, like his artistically crafted personality, Aucoin hid his inner battles behind a joyful facade. The film explores his many health concerns, isolation, and constant search for his birth parents, revealing a complex picture of the popular artist. Issues originating from his detected unusual pituitary condition put him in persistent discomfort, leading Aucoin to self-medicate to gruesome extents, which was worsened due to his past terrible experiences.

Through the precious personal video, taped interviews with popular figures and sincere conversations with close friends and household, the documentary highlights Aucoin's profound impact within the charm sector. His unique approach was handed down to many proteg├ęs, and his book 'Making Faces' continues to be a staple for makeup lovers throughout the world. Aucoin's strategies and mindset towards appeal and inclusion have shaped the world of style and beauty, leaving an enduring legacy.

"Kevyn Aucoin Beauty & the Beast in Me" is a skillful exploration of the dichotomy in between Aucoin's public success and personal strife. The movie works as a poignant tribute to his genius, delving into the intricacies of his life, his untimely death, and the powerful effect he held in the world. His terrible yet motivating life story carries an enduring message of perseverance amidst challenge and transformational power resulting in his withstanding tradition.

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