Kickin' It Old Skool (2007)

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In 1986, a young breakdancer falls into a coma after hitting his head in a talent show. 20 years later, he awakens and attempts to revive his dance team's short-lived career in order to support his parents' failing yogurt shop.

"Kickin' It Old Skool" is a 2007 comedy movie directed by Harvey Glazer and composed by Trace Slobotkin, Josh Siegal, and Dylan Morgan. The film features Jamie Kennedy, Maria Menounos, Michael Rosenbaum, Bobby Lee, and Aris Alvarado in leading functions. The story follows the life of a breakdancer who lapses into a coma for twenty years and wakes up to a challenging world.

The film begins in 1986 with 12-year-old Justin Schumacher (Bret Ernst/ Jamie Kennedy) carrying out in a breakdancing battle. When trying a risky maneuver, he hits his head and falls under a coma. Twenty years later on, Justin awakens from the coma however is stuck in 1986 in his mind. He awakens to a world where breakdancing is not popular, his moms and dads owe money, and his dance crew, the Funky Fresh Boys, are all matured and doing different things.

Pertaining to Grips with Reality
As Justin adjusts to the changing world, he will reencounter numerous characters from his previous life. Darnell (Miguel A. Núñez Jr.) is now a toy shop supervisor who has exchanged his love for dancing with stress over his obligations. Aki (Bobby Lee), formerly the DJ for the Funky Fresh Boys, has actually ended up being a downtrodden convenience store clerk. Hector (Aris Alvarado) is now a vehicle salesperson with a dissatisfied marital relationship.

The Battle of the Dancing Gladiators
When Justin learns about his moms and dads' precarious financial position, he decides to reunite the Funky Fresh Boys and complete in a nationwide dance competition with the grand reward of $100,000. Justin's competitor, Kip (Michael Rosenbaum), who now manages a successful breakdancing crew called the Iced Cole Crew, will likewise complete in the event. Throughout the movie, Justin tries to win back his previous love, Jennifer (Maria Menounos), who is now Kip's fiancée.

Climax and Resolution
With motivating minutes, the Funky Fresh Boys conquer their challenges and rekindle their love for dancing. Justin wins Jennifer back, and they beat Kip's crew in a thrilling showdown, eventually securing the grand prize. Justin and his team use this cash to conserve his parents from personal bankruptcy.

"Kickin' It Old Skool" is a movie of nostalgia, funny, and dance, transferring viewers back to the popular culture of the 80s while underlining the value of relationship, determination, and enthusiasm. Regardless of its light-heartedness, the movie magnificently depicts the truth of aging, yet staying real to one's dreams. It ends on a favorable note, reminding viewers that it's never ever far too late to dance to their own beat.

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