Killers Anonymous (2019)

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A failed attempt to murder a Senator is connected to a group meeting secretly to discuss their darkest urges—to take lives.

"Killers Anonymous" is a 2019 action-thriller film directed by Martin Owen. The motion picture explores styles of dependency, misdeed, and the look for redemption through the eyes of a group of assassins. The narrative unfolds mainly within the boundaries of a support system meeting for killers trying to curb their homicidal impulses. The ensemble cast includes Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba, Tommy Flanagan, Rhyon Nicole Brown, and MyAnna Buring, among others.

The movie opens with a scene of stress and violence as a senator is assassinated. The story then cuts to the titular support system, Killers Anonymous, where various hitmen and hitwomen collect to share their struggles with their homicidal vocations. The conference is helmed by the enigmatic Joanna (MyAnna Buring), who facilitates the session by encouraging the attendees to share their histories and discuss their temptations and disobediences.

Amongst the members are Alice (Rhyon Nicole Brown), a girl who delight in the adventure of the kill; Ben (Tommy Flanagan), a repentant murderer trying to find salvation; Leo (Michael Socha), who is facing his violent tendencies; and the stoic newcomer to the group, a man called The Man (Gary Oldman), whose background is even more complex and laced with the group's members than at first appears.

As the evening progresses, the killers explore their life stories and darkest secrets. Stress intensify as it becomes clear that the group's members are not simply there to look for therapy - they have contrasting agendas and covert motives. When the police show up outside to investigate the senator's murder, fear sets in, and the group begins to believe that one among them may be the assassin responsible.

The film uses flashbacks and numerous perspectives to piece together the puzzle of the senator's murder, exposing connections between group members and the assassination. The characters' stories blur the lines in between great and wicked, showcasing the complex moralities of people residing on the fringes of society.

Performance and Aesthetics
Gary Oldman's efficiency as The Man stands apart as one of the film's highlights, delivering a character that is both mysterious and compelling. Jessica Alba briefly looks like Jade, a nurse with a lethal program who becomes critical in the night's occasions. While the acting from the ensemble cast is generally solid, the characters typically lack depth and development due to the movie's fragmented narrative style.

Aesthetically, "Killers Anonymous" employs a neo-noir aesthetic, with the use of shadow and light contributing to the thriller. The cinematography creates an appropriate atmosphere for a thriller, with tight shots and restricted spaces heightening the sense of claustrophobia and paranoia in the middle of the group.

Styles and Final Thoughts
Throughout "Killers Anonymous", styles of dependency and the fight against one's darker nature are explored. The movie depicts murder as an addiction in itself, one that needs assistance and intervention like any other. The film attempts to clarify the psychology of its characters and the reasons behind their violent behavior, though it often disappoints analyzing these ideas in a meaningful or extensive method.

"Killers Anonymous" delivers a twisted tale of betrayal and deceptiveness, presenting a mosaic of ethically uncertain characters. In spite of its novel property and a smattering of compelling scenes, the film typically deals with irregular pacing and underdeveloped storytelling. The critics' evaluations were mixed, with some valuing the pulpy environment and others preferring greater story coherence and character depth. Ultimately, "Killers Anonymous" provides a dark, violent journey into the intricacies of guilt and the pursuit of absolution, however it might not please viewers looking for a more sleek and cohesive cinematic experience.

Top Cast

  • Tommy Flanagan (small)
    Tommy Flanagan
  • Jessica Alba (small)
    Jessica Alba
  • Gary Oldman (small)
    Gary Oldman
    The Man
  • Rhyon Nicole Brown (small)
    Rhyon Nicole Brown
  • MyAnna Buring (small)
    MyAnna Buring
  • Michael Socha (small)
    Michael Socha
  • Tim McInnerny (small)
    Tim McInnerny
  • Sam Hazeldine (small)
    Sam Hazeldine
    Senator Kyle
  • Elizabeth Morris (small)
    Elizabeth Morris
  • Elliot James Langridge (small)
    Elliot James Langridge
  • Isabelle Allen (small)
    Isabelle Allen