Killers (2010)

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When an elite assassin marries a beautiful computer whiz after a whirlwind romance, he gives up the gun and settles down with his new bride. That is, until he learns that someone from his past has put a contract out on his life.

"Killers" is an action-comedy movie launched in 2010, directed by Robert Luketic. The motion picture features Ashton Kutcher as the protagonist, Spencer Aimes, who is an experienced assassin working for a secret government company, and Katherine Heigl representing Jen Kornfeldt, a computer tech, who falls in love with Spencer.

The movie begins with Spencer, an international super-spy and assassin, being on his last objective in Nice, France. During his holiday, he coincidentally meets Jen, a computer system tech recovering from a damaged relationship on a getaway with her parents. There is an immediate trigger between them, and they ultimately have a whirlwind romance.

Spencer chooses to leave his life of espionage behind and get married to Jen, leading an average rural life. They transfer to a peaceful suburban community, where Spencer begins a brand-new job in construction, and they start living an idyllic life as a couple.

Twist and Turns
3 years into their blissful marriage, the couple discovers that Jen is pregnant. Things take a sudden turn on Spencer's birthday when he receives a strange call hinting him that he is the target of a multi-million-dollar hit. Spencer recognizes that his past has overtaken him and his secret identity is no longer concealed.

Spencer now strives to expose his genuine identity to Jen, who feels devastated and betrayed knowing about Spencer's past life. All at once, they recognize that they are surrounded by possible killers-- from their friends to their neighbors. Anybody could be a possible assassin preparing to claim the bounty on Spencer's head.

The confusion, fear, and thriller lead to a series of comic mishaps. The as soon as delighted suburban couple now discovers themselves in the middle of lethal crossfire. Regardless of the numerous hazards, Spencer and Jen handle to interact with their marital issues while surviving.

The climax scene of the film happens in a hotel where Spencer identifies the mastermind behind the whole plot as his previous best friend and manager. After an awesome encounter and battle, the couple handles to disarm the boss and return to their serene lives.

In the end, the couple gives birth to a daughter. Not far from their minds is their shared past, loaded with adrenaline and risk. "Killers" ends on a high note, alluding that they will always be prepared to face danger, no matter whatever comes their way.

"Killers" is an ideal blend of action and romantic funny. The film grows on the beauty and chemistry of the lead stars Kutcher and Heigl. It successfully manages to combine category elements of action and comedy while at the same time providing a romantic arc, which lends the movie a special appeal. While the characters may discover themselves in over-the-top situations, the efficiencies of the movie's stars assist to ground the film to a particular degree, providing it a sense of excitement and enjoyable.

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