Killing Mr. Griffin (1997)

Killing Mr. Griffin Poster

The high school students didn't mean to kill Mr. Griffin. They wanted to make him suffer. But when their mean English teacher turns up dead, they have to find out who killed them before the police arrests them all.

"Killing Mr. Griffin" is a 1997 American television criminal activity thriller drama directed by Jack Bender, and based upon Lois Duncan's 1978 novel of the very same name. The storyline focuses on a group of high school trainees who kidnap their English teacher, Mr. Griffin, for his despotic mentor style, just to understand their ill-thought-out strategy unfortunately escalates into an alarming and life-threatening situation.

Plot Overview
Mr. Griffin (Jay Thomas), understood for his unyielding mentor design, sets high standards for his trainees and runs his classes with an iron fist. His rigid expectations make him a target for the angst of those who can not fulfill his standards, consisting of Mark Kinney (Scott Bairstow), a manipulative student decrying Mr. Griffin's conservative mentor methods. Mark conspires with a group of classmates, consisting of Rona (Maitland Ward), Betsy (Laura Harris), Dave (Mario Lopez), and Jeff (Zachery Ty Bryan), to kidnap their teacher in an effort to humiliate him.

Kidnapping and the Unintended Tragedy
The trainees manage to catch and blindfold Mr. Griffin, taking him to a remote location. Their strategy, however, takes an unforeseen turn when they discover Mr. Griffin is a diabetic who needs insulin injections routinely. Not taking his medical needs into account, he gradually comes down into a comatose state, ultimately leading to his death.

Post-Murder Panic and Fallout
The group is tossed into panic and worry upon discovering the catastrophic consequence of their trick. Mark, the mastermind, forces them all to stay quiet about the incident. However, regret and fear start to tear the group apart. An outdoors character, Susan McConnell (Amy Jo Johnson), who ignores what has actually happened but had actually been subjected to the harsh mentor style of Mr. Griffin, plays a critical part in unveiling the fact behind the teacher's unexpected disappearance.

"Killing Mr. Griffin" takes audience through an exhilarating narrative of thriller, shock, and regret as it presents a seemingly safe trick turning unfortunately fatal. It is a cooling exploration into the state of minds of high school trainees who, unintentionally, cross an irredeemable line. The movie likewise triggers viewers to ponder over problems associated with the contemporary education system, ways of guideline, and the relationships in between instructors and trainees.

Top Cast

  • Scott Bairstow (small)
    Scott Bairstow
    Mark Kinney
  • Amy Jo Johnson (small)
    Amy Jo Johnson
    Susan McConnell
  • Mario López (small)
    Mario López
    Dave Ruggles
  • Chris Young
  • Michelle Williams (small)
    Michelle Williams
  • Jennifer Hammon (small)
    Jennifer Hammon
    Bree Gunderson
  • Mindy Spence
  • Maitland Ward (small)
    Maitland Ward
    Candice Lee
  • Cordelia Richards (small)
    Cordelia Richards
    Kathy Griffin
  • Jay Thomas (small)
    Jay Thomas
    Mr. Griffin
  • Joan McMurtrey (small)
    Joan McMurtrey
    Janet McConnell