Last Summer in the Hamptons (1995)

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Helena Mora, the head of an eccentric theatrical family, has decided to sell her large estate in the Hamptons because of her recent money troubles. Before she completes the sale, she wants to have one last gathering of family and friends, with dramatic performances. Bringing everyone together, though, creates rivalries and tension, especially for Oona, a temperamental but successful movie actress who seeks the approval of her creative peers.

Film Overview
"Last Summer in the Hamptons" is a 1995 dramedy film directed by Henry Jaglom. Taking the atmosphere of timeless Chekhov plays, the movie is essentially about an extended dysfunctional family conference over a summer weekend in the Hamptons, filled with romance, quarrels, and self-discoveries. The primary characters consist of a celebrated starlet, a writer, a director, and a handful of others whose lives become intertwined during this retreat.

Plot Summary
The film's lead character is Oona Hart, an astonishingly effective television starlet played by Victoria Foyt. Oona decides to take a sabbatical after her popular tv show's run ends. She endeavors out to the Hamptons for a bit of reprieve and to prepare for her transition into serious movie functions. In the Hamptons, she encounters a varied group made up of Bluhdorn member of the family, their pals, and offspring, who are staging an internal variation of Anton Chekhov's "The Seagull".

The Bluhdorns are a household of actors, authors, and directors filled with colorful characters. The family matriarch, Helena (Viveca Lindfors), runs a summer drama camp and plays Arkadina in the play, and she is considering selling the household estate, much to the family's discouragement. Helena's kids - successful movie script writer Davis (Jon Robin Baitz), budding starlet Chloe (Martha Plimpton), and their cousin, struggling filmmaker Jake (Eric Roberts), are all struggling with individual concerns as they come to grips with the looming sale.

Oona is drawn towards Jake and his susceptible creativity, causing a turbulent romance in the middle of the disorderly background of last rehearsals, brother or sister competition, and the possible loss of the household estate.

Secret Themes and Messages
"Last Summer in the Hamptons" plays with themes of household drama, love, aspiration, aging, and yearning for the past. The story unfolds with many parallels to "The Seagull," matching Chekhov's styles of love, art, success, and failure. The movie checks out the relationships in between the characters, their internal battles, and their completing desires. It serves as a commentary on the struggles of stars and artists, conveyed most clearly through Oona, who is transitioning from tv to movie and coming to grips with the vacuum of popularity.

Ending and Resolution
The plot unfolds with different weaves, all leading up to the final efficiency of "The Seagull". The movie concludes with a conflict in between Oona and Jake, after which Jake entrusts to Chloe. Helena announces that she has decided not to sell your home after all, thanks to the money Oona offers to keep it in the family. With the summer and the theatre season ending, the characters head back to their regular lives, carrying the lessons they found out and the memories they made.

Overall Reception
"Last Summer in the Hamptons" was welcomed for its interesting storytelling, strong efficiencies, especially from Foyt and Lindfors, and smart infusion of humor into the drama. In spite of some criticism for its casting and oversaturation of characters, the movie stays a window into the world of theatre and performing arts, using an unique and insightful perspective on the market's obstacles and enchantments. Its poignant representation of a family's dynamics, layered with creative aspirations and individual trials, adds depth and heart to this theatrical comedy-drama.

Top Cast

  • Victoria Foyt
    Oona Hart
  • Viveca Lindfors (small)
    Viveca Lindfors
    Helena Mora
  • Jon Robin Baitz
    Jake Axelrod
  • Savannah Smith Boucher (small)
    Savannah Smith Boucher
  • Roscoe Lee Browne (small)
    Roscoe Lee Browne
  • Andre Gregory (small)
    Andre Gregory
    Ivan Axelrod
  • Nick Gregory (small)
    Nick Gregory
  • Melissa Leo (small)
    Melissa Leo
    Trish Axelrod
  • Roddy McDowall (small)
    Roddy McDowall
  • Martha Plimpton (small)
    Martha Plimpton
    Chloe Garfield
  • Ron Rifkin (small)
    Ron Rifkin
    Eli Garfield